Meal Plan Week 5!

28th January 2019

We’ve made it! We are finally making our way through the last week of January. It has felt as though this month has gone on and on, it took it’s time but February is finally in sight.


Shaniah: Jam sandwich, popcorn, pot of fruit, Dairylea Dunkers and a Capri-sun. She is loving Capri-sun’s at the moment.
Me: Jacket potato with beans and cheese.

Chicken pie with vegetable medley and potatoes.


Shaniah: Ham Sandwich, pot of fruit, prawn crackers and a Capri-sun.
Me: Dressed salad with Chicken.

Co-op frozen meal deal. I am loving this by Co-op at the moment. their latest meal deal is fish cakes, breaded fish fillets, chips, peas and oreo ice-cream and all that comes to only £5 which I think is such a good bargain.


Shaniah: Cheese and crackers, popcorn, bowl of fruit, dairylea dunkers and a capri-sun.
Me: I’m usually out doing a shop of some sort so I will tend to grab a sandwich from a shop or something.

Shaniah has requested a mid-week trip to Chiquito, so we will be eating out. I love these days where I don’t have to cook and there is no washing up!


Shaniah: Ham sandwich, popcorn, pot of fruit, dairylea dunkers and a Capri-sun.
Me: Turkey sandwich, with savoury eggs and Hula-Hoop Puft.

Chicken tikka masala with rice, poppadoms and naan bread.


Shaniah: Ham sandwiches, Prawn crackers, Capri-sun and a pot of fruit.
Me: Jacket potato with tuna.

Baked pasta bolognese, garlic bread and a dressed side salad.

And that is this weeks meal plan. I must say that I think I am looking forward to Wednesday the most as I don’t have to cook!

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