Meal Plan 05/10

Brr! The weathers most certainly in the turn isn’t it?

As much as I bloody love Autumn and winter (my figure was practically built for the winter months) I honestly hate how dark the mornings are. While I won’t say I have S.A.D, I certainly tick some of the boxes. All my get up and go seems to have stayed in September!

While I haven’t been documenting my meal plans on here lately, I have been doing them behind the scenes. However, last week was a bit of a car crash, hence me coming back on here to document them again. I seem to stick to them better when I’m documenting them. I guess nobody wants to show they cant follow a plan, do they?

So, here is what we had last week. I write this, hiding behind my hands because well, we helped fund the hospitality industry if nothing else.

Monday: Slow cooker beef curry. This is one of my favourite autumnal dishes. As soon as the weather drops below 13.5 out comes the slow cooker and the house smells bloody beautiful!

Tuesday: Pork chop roast. Simple, quick and easy. Shaniah also loves it.

Wednesday: KFC… I actually went out for a late lunch with a few people (under 6 don’t worry) so I wasn’t that hungry so the rest had KFC whilst I wandered around Home Bargains, I so clearly had the better end of the straw.

Thursday: Spaghetti bolognese. Again, super simple. I did Shaniah’s in an orange pepper carved out to look like a pumpkin. She absolutely loves this when it gets to October. Any excuse to stretch out halloween!

Friday: Mcdonalds. Gutted.

Saturday: Chinese. Did I feel bad for having a takeaway so soon after McDonalds? Did I heck!

Sunday: Roast Lamb. Oh and how bloody divine was this! There is nothing better than having a nice hearty roast in the colder months.

On to this week. It’s a little bit of everything really…

Monday: Chicken burger and chips. Nothing fancy to be fair, the chicken burgers are frozen ones and the buns are just simple brioche things from Tesco. still, it’s the thought that counts right?

Tuesday: Spooky spaghetti bolognese. This is something that Shaniah has requested. You will probably see this pop up a lot during October as, like I stated, Shaniah loves to have it in a pepper shaped like a blooming pumpkin… Do I make this one from scratch I hear you cry. No, no I do not. only because Shaniah prefers Dolmio…

Wednesday: Chicken kiev, potatoes and mixed veg. It seems like forever since I had a good old chicken kiev.

Thursday: Pizza night. I need a good old pizza. The BBQ chicken one from Tesco is by far my guilty pleasure.

Friday: Salmon Parcel, potatoes and veg. Simple yet bloody delicious.

Saturday: STEAK! With garlic mushroom sauce and the good old extras. Another dish that I have been waiting ever so long to devour a steak.

Sunday: Takeaway. It’s Sunday, let’s face it, it’s needed.


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