How To Maximize The Space In Your Home

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Do you often feel like there’s never enough space in your home, no matter how well you rearrange your furniture or tidy up your space? If you feel that moving appears to be your best option, hold your brakes; there might be simpler alternatives. Whether you live alone in a mountain villa or with your family in a small apartment, maximising your space can make your home feel larger and more welcoming. Here are some ideas you can explore to use your available space better and delay any further thoughts of moving.

Organise your kitchen

The kitchen might be the most adaptable area in the house, serving as an efficient, friendly, and comfortable space to prepare meals and snacks and entertain visitors. Install vertical storage shelves in your pantry and use drawer dividers for dry products or racks to hang mugs and bowls to organise your kitchen. To clear up the room beneath your countertops, remove ageing food and half-eaten dry products, and add pan storage and an overhead pot.

Strike a good furniture balance

Contrary to popular belief, furnished rooms appear larger than empty spaces. Rather than eliminating furnishings to make your space look larger, play around with different arrangements to create a more expansive feel. However, avoid adding too much or oversized furniture making it difficult to move around the house. Look for the right balance. Have you outgrown your current living room furniture, or are you searching for new options for your bedroom, for example? Fitted furniture like built in wardrobes are excellent for tight spaces since you can personalise them to fit in tricky areas to keep your extra storage out of sight.

Add some large mirrors

Mirrors can make a room appear bigger and brighter. A larger mirror can create a larger space feel. However, you should consider the orientation of the space you want the mirror to reflect on. You can place a mirror on a wall near the window if your home is near a river, park, or in an open view. The open skyline, water, and trees can create a tremendous sense of spaciousness. A bigger mirror in a space you are likely to entertain may enhance the ambience by creating the illusion of more people. Similarly, a striking mirror near your home’s entrance provides an immediate sense of space and light as you enter.

Make your room multifunctional

Having separate rooms for every activity is okay if space is available. However, much more creativity is required when you have a smaller home. Combine two room-based activities into one and enjoy more space – even if it’s a box room. For instance, you may integrate your home office into your bedroom. It is not surprising that many people today prefer an open floor plan to maximise their space and keep it multifunctional.

You can try various techniques to make your house feel even more spacious. Give the above unique ideas a try, and you will reap the benefits of that extra room in your home.


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