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Mardles interactive stickers and book. | Review

mardlesThere are two things in life that Shaniah asks for time and time again and they are Stickers and books. Like every child her age stickers seem to rule her life. There’s just something about stickers that bring endless joy to her, although the majority of stickers that we get her are only fun for the few seconds it takes to stick them all over the house then they’re forgotten about and a new batch is required.

We have recently been introduced to the wonderful world of Mardles. Mardles is a brand which creates books and stickers that come to life before your youngsters very eyes. By simply downloading their free app onto your smartphone Mardles books and stickers become so much more.

To turn our Mardles book into an interactive world of fun we had to download the free Mardles app which can be found on the App store, Google play and Amazon apps. Within seconds the app is downloaded and ready to be enjoyed by all, there’s no set-up needed just the app and the book or stickers and you’re good to go.

It doesn’t take much to persuade Shaniah to come over and listen to a story, in fact she is often the one demanding that a story be read.We cuddled up on the sofa opened the book and the app and began. On selected pages you will find a little wand in the corner of the page, these are the pages which are interactive and boy they are! We simply pointed the phone at the page and watched the page come alive. Shaniah was then able to relive the story page in 3D and move the cow around with the on screen joystick.

mardles interactive book

Shaniah and her cousin had hours of fun watching the cow walk all around the house. The amount of giggles that came from them as the cow followed me around the room was totally worth it.

Once we had finished reading the book they were keen to play with the stickers. The stickers are also interactive much to the youngsters excitement. We each picked a sticker placed it on our hand and again pointed the phone at the sticker to bring it to life. These were super fun and like the story book, they had massive smiles as they watched the animals wander up and down their arms.

Shaniah with the mardles stickers

One thing I noticed was just how realistic the animals movements where, which kept the youngsters engaged and quite frankly mesmerised.

This is only one book out of their huge range. After seeing the happiness that this one brings to little ones faces I am definitely considering adding to the collection. For a gift that keeps on giving I cannot recommend Mardles enough.

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