Maplin Kasa smart bulb review!

*Disclaimer: Maplin sent us this product in exchange for an honest review.
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Maplin kindly sent me a Veho Kasa Bluetooth smart lighting bayonet b22 bulb to review.

Maplin Lightbulb

Delivery was super fast, which was great because I couldn’t wait to try it out!

Upon receiving the light bulb I was amazed by the potential of this little guy. It is an LED low energy Smart bulb which has 15,000 hours of usage packed inside it and is A+ energy rated.

The best thing about the Kasa smart bulb is the fact that it is completely controllable by a downloadable app on my phone – How incredible is that? The excitement however, doesn’t end there –  Oh no!  Kasa Smart bulb has:

24/7, 365 day scheduling

You can schedule what time and day you would like your bulb to come om, or better still, you can create a group for multiple bulbs and then they will all come on at your specified time.

This feature is perfect for days where you are out late and you want that porch light on so you don’t return to a dark home. I personally hate returning home when it’s dark and the house is also pitch black, there is something quite unnerving about that.

Another scenario that I believe this feature will come in handy with is when you’re away from home. Scheduling your lights to come on will make it seem as though the house isn’t empty which I think is a super idea.

Countdown feature

There is a countdown timer feature which will turn the lights off once the timer runs out. Once the timer is programmed you don’t even have the app running or even in range as it remembers the countdown!

This feature is perfect for children’s bedrooms, especially those that love to have a night-light to make them feel safe when they’re drifting off to sleep.

I also feel that this feature is perfect for when you are away from home, you can use the schedule to turn them on and the countdown to turn them off!

Mood Presets

Mood is a pre-set scene where bulbs can be set to all different colours or brightness’.

This feature seems great for relaxing baths, paired with candles – how awesome!

I can also imagine teenagers will also love this feature in their rooms too!

Inside this one little bulb it has the capability of producing 16 million different colours how amazing is that?!

MaplinMaplinMaplinMaplinlight bulbWe couldn’t believe just how bright the bulb was on white! It certainly isn’t something that you come across regularly on low energy bulbs!

There is also the opportunity to group numerous bulbs together, meaning that if you have more than one bulb in a single room then you can group them together so that they all do the same thing at the same time.

We absolutely loved testing out this light bulb. There is so, so much to do with this, meaning that you really can make your home unique even down to the lighting! The app is super quick and easy to navigate and before you know it, you have set your lights to a setting that is perfect for you. The light bulb has now taken home in Shaniah’s lamp where she is using it as a funky night-light!

The Veho Kasa Bluetooth smart lighting bayonet b22 bulb is part of Maplin’s New Smart home range. If you fancy checking out what products they have on offer or maybe you fancy one of these light bulbs for yourself?




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