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16th October 2018

Im sure weve all been on that amazing holiday with the beautiful hotel room, filled with luxury from head to toe, the shower with the amazingly powerful water head and a bath big enough for a troupe! You then get home to a dishevelled bedroom that looks as though a clothes bomb went off from your frantic packing before you left, the dressing gown that feels old and a bit scratchy, left in a heap in the bathroom, and no luxurious bath accessories awaiting your tired body. That hotel room seems a million miles away now, back to reality with a bump!

However, there is a way you can bring that hotel feel with you into your own home. You don’t need to completely redecorate and it wont cost you a fortune (unless you want it to), with just a few tweaks, it is possible to make the bedroom of your dreams, so why not let the interior designer in you flow

The Pillows

White and wood bedroom

Image source: Pexels

If you cant afford to change much right now, one thing you could do to make an impact would be to get a few scatter cushions for your bed. They are generally pretty affordable and are great for adding a pop of colour to a dull and boring room. Plus, you can change them easily if you get bored or fancy switching it up a bit. If you are looking for some new cushions for your bedroom, check out Lionshome as they have a great selection to choose from.

The Lighting

Replacing your old and dusty lampshades is a simple way to give your bedroom a luxury look for less. Chances are, the ready-made lamp you chose way back when you first bought it came with a basic and un-inspiring shade, so upgrading it can have a really big impact on changing the look of your lighting. The lampshade can really make or break a lamp, so make sure you choose wisely! Opt for something a bit different and make a statement with your lampshades. A bright colour perhaps or a cool fabric choice.

The Clutter

Keeping your bedroom clutter-free can feel like a never-ending task, but if you keep on top of it as you go, it wont seem so bad. I once heard a saying – touch everything oncemeaning if you get an item of clothing out of your cupboard, put it away as soon as you finish with it so you dont have to then go back to it later on. Or, once you get out of bed, make the bed so its done and you dont have to go back to that either.

I find doing a “spring-clean” once a month is a great way to stay on top of clutter that seems to build up from nowhere. Go through clothes and recycle anything I dont wear anymore or throw it away if its seen better days. I like to think when I get uptidy house, tidy mind. If your surroundings are clutter free, then the likelihood is your mind will be clutter free too!

A linen basket is also a very important part of keeping a bedroom clutter free and tidy looking. Put any dirty clothes into the basket as soon as you take them off so they dont end up in a forever growing heap on the floor gathering dust.

White bed with glasses on them

Image source: Pexels

The Bed

My bed is one of my favourite places; I love that its so cozy, soft, smells great and is just so inviting. I love climbing into bed after a long day and snuggling in with a good book, especially now that the nights are getting darker earlier and its almost time to put the heating on. It should be the place you feel most relaxed and calm.

Most people tend to underplay the importance of dressing their bed in the mornings and rely on the same rumpled duvet they sleep with nightly and have to get into an unmade bed at night. This might not seem like such a big deal but being able to pull down the duvet and jump right in instead of having to fight with last nights covers is great!

The type of covers you use can also make such a difference, not only to how it feels but to the look of your bed as well. You want to try to get Egyptian cotton bed sheets, pillows and duvet cover if possible if the highest thread count you can find/afford. Just by doing this will make your bed look and feel a million dollars!

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