Make sticking to fitness resolutions easier.

Picture the scene, the clock says 11:45pm and in your food coma like state you decide that 2018 will be the year you finally fall in love with your body and become more healthy. Sound familiar? It does with me too! Fast forward a month and I am starting to slack a bit. It’s not always easy to stick to some resolutions especially when they’re as full on as fitness, but there are ways that it can become easier.

One of the things that makes a difference is surrounding people who have got your back, no I don’t mean someone who will support your back when you’ve over-done it at the gym. I mean someone who encourages you, drops a few compliments here and there. You see, new research from Superdrug has revealed that for 6 out of 10 Brits a simple compliment in January is one of the best ways to stay motivated with our new year goals. A pretty impressive 88% believe that more compliments need to be passed around in January than any other month to encourage, inspire and motivate during the bleak cold winter. Dr Becky Spelman, Registered Practitioner Psychologist & member of BABCP backs the findings, saying,

“When it comes to getting fit, losing weight, or focusing on our health, positive acknowledgement is very useful. Hearing that we are looking good from people, and that the time and effort we have invested in our health are bearing fruit, actually spurs us on to do even more.”

Personally, I have to agree, I do love getting compliments and I do feel that they make a difference, if someone says wow, you’re looking healthy or good that immediately puts me in a better frame of mind and certainly a more happy one.

Another way that you could make it easier is if you are using healthy food products or protein shakes, make sure that you actually enjoy them! Look forward to your protein bar or snack and shake. If you don’t like the taste you certainly won’t be rushing to have more and that will certainly make things harder. There are lots of brands to choose from now a days that you are certain to find one that you enjoy and look forward to again and again.

Superdrug’s Some Body Range.

some body range

For me, I love Superdrug’s new Some Body range. I have the Vanilla protein powder and their original pancakes for my breakfast every day then for my snack during the day I have their sea salt popcorn. The thing I love the most about the Some Body range is the fact that it tastes just like vanilla milkshake and pancakes would however, I know that these are far more good for me.

some body range


Lastly, remember to take a break. Like everything in life, it is good to take a rest. Maybe have one day a week where you don’t focus on the healthy side. Be you, relax, put your feet up and you’ll be surprised just how focused you are the following day. Remember: Rest not quit.

This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.

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