Lush Sleepy Body Lotion Myth or gold dust?

Unless you live under a rock, chances are you have heard of Lush’s new product – Sleepy body lotion.

Sleepy body lotion

Since Lush unveiled their new addition to their range of body lotion, parents far and wide have been going crazy.
Parents have been saying how it gets their little ones who like to hold all nighters to sleep in no time. I was very skeptical about believing this, simply because every craze has always ended in disappointment. However after reading more and more parents praising this game changing lotion I felt I needed to test it out.

I had planned to pop down to Lush anyway as my collection of bath bombs were getting alarmingly small. I added Sleepy to my list and headed for the shops!

The one thing I love about going to a Mall which has a Lush store is the fact that you can navigate yourself to it by using your nose! The closer you get the better the Mall smells right? I always feel like a little kid in a sweet shop when I enter lush, I grab a basket, a handful of the bags and set off in search for goodies!

No matter what I enter Lush for I always find myself picking up a dragons egg, Ickle baby bot and the experimenter. They are the needed ones right?

I made my way to where I assumed the body lotion would be but I failed, I had absolutely no idea where anything but the bath bombs were. Luckily, Lush have THE most amazing staff in the world and one lovely lady came to my rescue – wahoo!

She asked me what I was after, however with the mahoosive dark circles that have accumulated under my eyes these past few years and a restless child I am pretty sure she knew what I was here for. I told her and just like that she headed for the product what a gem! She then headed for the tester pot and applied some to my arm so I could get a feel for the product and smell it.

Now I will be honest with you here, I didn’t actually have a clue about what it is I should be feeling or looking out for here, however the hand massage was seriously good.  So good in fact, I fell asleep for the whole journey home I wasn’t driving so it’s acceptable – ish. I woke up and that was when I realised that this product might actually work!

Shaniah’s bedtime was fast approaching so we headed for a bath with our trusted ickle baby bot – he’s one heck of an awesome bath bomb for little ones!

Once the bath was complete we headed downstairs where she led on the floor and I began to massage sleepy into her little body. You could see her becoming more relaxed but I put that down to the fact she is having a massage.

She jumped into bed ready for her daily bedtime story and that is where I had another inkling that this product is a diamond, instead of sitting up and turning the pages before I had a chance to read the second word or kissing the pages goodnight before she simply led down and listened to the story!

Once the story had finished, I kissed her goodnight and headed downstairs certain that we would meet again in a few minutes when she starts banging down the walls. Half an hour passed and not a peep came out of her, the excitement didn’t end there, she didn’t wake up until gone 8 and parents everywhere know just how much of a lay in that is!

Is this product a myth or is it gold dust? I truly believe that Lush have really hit the nail on the head with this product. Of course there are going to be people who don’t see any change with it, nothing in life works for everyone but I along with many, many other sleep deprived parents cannot thank Lush enough for this gold dust of a product. As long as it continues to work Sleepy will also become a repeat purchase.

Lush, we love you!


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