What I am loving this month.

This is one series that I haven’t done in a while but it is one that I love so I am going to continue!


Like every month before, there are many, many things which I am loving this month… Way too many to write down so I have tried to whittle it down to my top 10. It was hard, oh so hard but I have done it. I think…

In no particular order, the first thing that I am loving this month is month is my 1001 Carpet Fresh (yes, I too have been hit by the Hinch bug which has swept the Instagram nation off their dusty feet).

1001 carpet fresh surrounded by pink flowers

1001 Carpet Fresh is a product which I wish I had discovered sooner. I simply spray the foam over my carpets before I go out and leave it to work it’s magic whilst I am out, it really is as simple as that. Upon arrival back home, my home is smelling super fresh and floral. What a win!

I am absolutely loving the Thai Orchard fragrance, it’s like a have fresh flowers scattered about the house and that thought alone makes me super happy.  I also use 1001 Carpet Fresh on upholstery which I cannot wash like certain parts of my sofa for instance.  My nan also swears by this product.

System Professional Dry Conditioner | £33.50

dry conditioner with flowers scattered around the bottle

I am love, love, loving this at the moment.  This dry conditioner is a god send for the school run mornings. I simply spray onto my dry hair before brushing and styling and it leaves my hair feeling soft and instantly energised all while smelling amazing. I may look like I have my shit together during those early morning starts but without this angel of a product I highly doubt it would be possible.

It is a little on the pricier side but a little goes a very long way. I have had it for about 6 months now and I haven’t used it all.

Spoilt for Choice bath products | 60p – £3

Bath bombs of all shapes surrounded by flowers

I love supporting small businesses wherever or whenever I can. Their products are very often much better than those that you purchase mass produced from other shops. One shop that I am loving at the moment is Spoilt for Choice in Malmesbury high street.

Spoilt for Choice is filled to the brim with handmade gifts and bath products perfect for gifting family and friends on special occasions or simply treating yourself! In the photo those are a few from our recent trip where shaniah grabbed some for those after school soaks. She had a owl and a heart for 60p each which I thought was superb value. We also couldn’t resist the unicorn soap bar which has a little unicorn rubber duck to keep when the soap is finished!

Morphe Lipstick

Morphe lipsticks in brown and pink sat on a bed of flowers

Lipstick. I just cannot get enough of them lately. The fact that summer is coming to a close and Autumn is here is a good time as ever to grab some new lippies right? I have been super impressed with Morphe Liquid lips all summer and that’s not about to change any time soon. There are so, so many colours that I just need to have. They go on super nicely and they stay on through drinks and food which is always a bonus.

Berber’s Treat Clay mask | £14.59

Berbers treat

Oh glorious pot of dreams… I love face masks, who doesn’t? After a long week nothing beats jumping into a nice bubble bath and kicking back with a facemask sprawled across my face. I love doing that although my bank account doesn’t thank me for purchasing so many face masks. I was recently introduced to Berber’s Treat products, in particular the Rich Mineral Clay, and I just knew that this was what I have been looking for all this time, even though I haven’t actually been looking for anything.

The pot is filled to the brim with the powdered clay and in order to make the mask all you have to do is add it to hot water in a bowl. You don’t need much so the powder lasts a long time but the results are incredible. I noticed a change after the first use. My skin felt tighter and it just looked healthier and brighter. You know what I mean, sometimes our skin just looks dull.

There are so many Berber’s Treat products, I must try out more!

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash 

soap and glory body wash on a bed of flowers

Talking about bath time. This is my ultimate favourite at the moment. It smells just like citrus-y wipes that good old Mrs Hinch has got us all addicted to. I look forward to jumping into my bath and lathering myself up with this gorgeous scented body wash, the smell stays on me for a good few hours and it also leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, what more could you want?


zoflora and zoflora pets

I am absolutely loving Zoflora, I have been loving Zoflora for a good while now and the excitement of new released fragrances never gets old. My current favourite is Twilight Garden, it smells superb. I usually add a lid full to my washing and once the clothes are washed they come out smelling even more gorgeous than they usually would. Fresh home is one that I use for cleaning purposes, simply because it’s a bigger bottle and as it’s designed for pets the smell lasts much longer and is slightly stronger than the other ones.

I love putting zoflora down my sinks when I am giving them a clean and soaking tumble dryer sheets in it and sticking them in my sofa! I would love to know your favourite scents.

Micro Trike

Shaniah on her pink micro trike

THIS IS A GAME CHANGER! Honestly, I truly mean that. Over the summer holidays this nifty product saved both mine and Ryan’s sanity. It may look simple but honestly, sometimes simplicity is key. We got up to so much over the holidays including holidays, days out and many lengthy shopping trips. Previously these have proved stressful with a child who gets tired of walking very quickly. Of course we could take a pram but on the majority of the time she decides to actually walk somewhere and so the pram gets in the way and it’s just bulky and annoying. The Micro Trike has changed all that.

It’s simple yet sturdy frame means that Shaniah has somewhere to sit down when her legs get tired and because it’s so simple in design it can be folded. Yep you read that right. You are able to fold the trike down to scooter size meaning that when your child does want to walk you aren’t left pushing something that will drive you insane.

me carrying the micro trike to school

We recently took it with us when we were invited down to Legoland and honestly I am so glad I did. We went down on a bank holiday weekend which meant that it was way more busier than usual and having Shaniah sat on the trike whilst making our way through the ocean of people really saved my bacon. It was that small we were also allowed to take it on a selection of rides too we simply put it under our feet. No standard trike or pram would have been able to do that.

It has also become a staple when walking mini me to school. We live at the top of a hill and the school is right at the bottom meaning that legs get tired quickly. It is also a great conversation starter at school too with many parents asking me about it. Perfect for making new mum friends!

Micro, we would like to thank you for saving our shit, The Micro Trike is worth it’s money and more.

The Beast Within.

The beast within book

Last but oh so not least is this blinder of a book, The Beast Within. Part of the Disney Villains series these books are my absolute favourite right now. Of course being the Beauty and the Beast fan that I am, I had to start off the collection with the Beast. This book is a twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast and gives us an insight to the beasts side of the story, focusing mainly on the beast himself and a more in depth account of why and how he became the beast. I loved it so, so much I finished it within the day, I just couldn’t put it down! I am now hunting down Disney A Twisted tale: As Old As Time. Which is a take on again, Beauty and the Beast where it explores what the tale would have been like if Belle’s mother was the one to curse the prince’s castle and all inhabitants.

So there we have it, these are the things that I am loving the most this month. What are you loving this month?

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