6 ways to prolong the life of your car.

Owning a car is a very big responsibility. Every car owner loves their car like it’s a member of their family and longs to have it for as long as possible. However, some are unaware that they could be putting their car in an early grave by not complying with the necessary checks and amendments. Keeping on top of your car checks need not be difficult, in fact if you know what you need to look out for and check you can get it over with in under 5 minutes!

Simple things like changing your filters or topping up your fluids often get forgotten about in the haste of day to day life yet these are so, so important. I thought that I would make this a little easier for you all and list 6 ways you could be killing your car.

So here is the list of things that if you don’t check regularly could see your car not lasting as long you had hoped.

Check your tires regularly.

This is something that doesn’t take long at all. Simply go around the car looking at each tyre make sure that they aren’t going down and that they still have the right legal amount of tyre tread. Should you notice that either of these things have a problem, there are loads of places around where you are able to get new tyres at affordable prices. You are able to pump more air into your tyres at the majority of petrol stations too!

Check your oil.

Making sure you regularly check the amount of oil in your car’s engine is a must. Having little to none oil can cause serious damage to your car but then so can over-filling. The dipstick will guide you to right amount.

Always make sure that your lights are working.

Lights are something that you need to keep an eye on regularly especially if you drive in the dark. Always be sure to check reversing lights, fog lights, brake lights, main beams and indicators. Should you notice that one or more are going a little dull, a simple trip to your local Halfords will mean that you are able to get the lights changed there and then.

Keep screen wash topped up.

This may not sound like an important one but believe me it is. Should you go on the road with no screen wash and a load of mud covers your screen you won’t be able to remove it and you may end up crashing your car or worse injuring yourself due to your view being obstructed. You are able to buy screen wash from most major supermarkets now meaning that there is never an excuse to not have any,

Check your exhaust checked regularly.Getting your exhaust checked regularly means that you are able to spot things like holes or other problems that are exhaust related. The great mechanics at Iverson Tyres recommend that you get your exhaust checked at least once a year.

Keep an eye on your windscreen wipers.Windscreen wipers have a knack of wearing out at least once a year. It is important that you get them changed as soon as they start leaving smears on your windscreen to continue to make sure that your screen is clean enough to see without anything obstructing.

Should you follow these 6 simple steps your car should be trustworthy enough to see you through many trips over the years.  

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration with Iverson Tyres. All opinions are my own, you can read my disclaimer in more detail in my Disclosure policy.

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