Look Fantastic Beauty Box -January

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Restoration edition

Welcome to ONE of my new monthly features here on The Epileptic Blogger, monthly reviews of the fabulous Look Fantastic Beauty Box*. I’ve been getting Beauty Box now every month since October and honestly, I haven’t had a box that I haven’t enjoyed – In fact, I’ve gone on to buy the full-sized products of many of the items that I have discovered in these boxes. I have noticed many bloggers write about subscription the boxes that they’re signed up to, and I find them so interesting to read, so without further ado, here is January!

January’s edition is based around Restoration. Look Fantastic have explained that their focus this year is to spread the message of self-love. The first thing I noticed when this box came through the post is that the beauty box has had a revamp, the box, and the magazine within it have both received a new look for 2021!

So, what is inside the box?

  1. Starskin Hollywood hand model hand mask gloves
    This is a hand mask designed to hydrate dry hands and cuticles. It has innovative technology of double layers to create a sauna effect which helps to repair, condition, and soften even the roughest of hands. These hand mask gloves have a blend of 16 botanical extracts which make up the formula which leaves your hands visibly softer and more supple after just one use.
  1. SVR Hydraline intense moisturising cream.
    This is a facial moisturizer perfect for soothing very dry and sensitive skin. This cream is dermatologically proven to keep skin moisturised for up to 24 hours, hypoallergenic and formulated specifically to treat even the most sensitive skin types.
  1. Grow Gorgeous balance overnight mask.
    This is a hair mask formulated to nourish your hair from roots to end. This works overnight, while you are sleeping, which is when your hair is most susceptible to treatment. This hair mask is formulated to enhance shine, reduce frizz, lock-in moisture and leave your hair with a silky-soft, salon feel once styled.
  1. Sleek Matte me liquid lipstick.
    This is one product that I already had in abundance. I have used Sleek make up for as long as I can remember and I am yet to find a nicer lipstick. Sleek lipstick is intense in pigment, with a light texture and matte finish. Unlike other matte lipstick, Sleek is long-lasting and doesn’t flake or dry out throughout the day. There’s nothing I hate more than lipsticks that leave your lips looking super dry.
  1. So eco complexion sponge.
    So eco sponge is an eco-friendly makeup sponge, perfect for applying cream/liquid products al over the skin for a flawless finish. This sponge has a pointed tip to reach those hard-to-reach areas, such as under the eyes and around the nose.
  1. Dr.Botanicals Avocado and cucumber natural cleansing bar.
    This is a gentle, antibacterial cleansing soap to cleanse and purify both the face and body. Infused with calming ingredients Avocado and Cucumber which work to nourish, soften, and awaken the senses.

First impressions.

The products in this month’s box are perfect for that Friday night, pamper night. I can just imagine myself settling down in the evening with the hand mask and hair mask and a lovely bar of chocolate. The make-up sponge is something that I am certain I will get A LOT of use out of, starting first thing in the morning. One thing that I am not keen on is the soap as it’s avocado and there is nothing, I cannot stand more than avocado. I am sure that there is someone who I can pass that on to though.

I will give these products a try and then I will share my opinions in February’sbeauty box post, I am super excited to give them all a try though!

* If you follow this link and sign up you will receive £5 off your first order. I will also receive £5 credit at no additional charge to you. Thank you!

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