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Well, if 2020 taught me anything, it’s that I’m not very good at blogging. A few times throughout 2020 I remembered that I had a blog, in fact, I actually drafted up numerous blog posts which never had the publish button pressed. I was so desperate to continue as I actually find writing my thoughts down and whatever, very therapeutic, I just didn’t have enough time in between the homeschooling and the general, you know, living through a pandemic to sit down and make a commitment.

Anyway, I thought it would be cool to make my dedicated comeback post a life catch-up, it’s kind of like those ‘last time on’ bits that they stick at the beginning of casualty or Married at first sight, but obviously way less dramatic or exciting. Even with that said, Who doesn’t like snooping on what other people have been getting up to? I know I do! Here’s your invite to go grab a cuppa, it’s going to be a long one.

Shaniah is thriving at her new school.

I wrote about the reason for changing Shaniah’s school in a dedicated post a few months ago, so I won’t go into great detail here, but I just can’t get over how much she has grown in herself since making the change. I always saw her as a child which didn’t enjoy learning, a bit like me really, so I always had a vision that teaching her would be some sort of battle, yet her teachers have managed to bring the butterfly out of her and while we are doing home-school, for the second time, she is largely confident in what the teacher has set out for her, which obviously makes my life far easier. I won’t lie, we still have our battles and I do have to bribe Shaniah with sweets just to write a sentence some days, but it’s better than it was and for that I am grateful.

I made more of an effort with my appearance.

Towards the end of 2020, I accepted the fact that the year was far from normal and that smart looking clothes were not going to be needed for the forceable so I packed them away and got out my comfies which honestly, I knew would come into fashion at some point. But my obsession with being comfortable got a little out of hand and it all came to a head when I caught a glimpse of myself in a reflection in Tesco’s window and quite frankly, I was disgusted. I had let myself go and I had let myself go bad. So, I decided to get myself out of the 2020 slump and updated my wardrobe, I am loving the knitted tops and cardigans with the lace collar, so I grabbed a few of those and replaced the make-up that I had from way back when and started to put pride back into my appearance just for Boris to shove us all back into a national lockdown. Ugh, I tried.

We got a dog!

I say we; I don’t take any credit for it because it was in fact the in-laws but in the same way that they babysit Shaniah, I baby sit Suzie. I say baby sit, what I really mean is I sit there with Suzie and we take pictures. She is absolutely adorable and Shaniah is besotted with her, clearly because they like to be mischievous together. She is an Old English Sheepdog, and she is currently 15 weeks old. Yes, she really is that big already. Mental.

I got all grown up and now do click and collect for the groceries.

Morrison’s has my back here. I have always loved shopping, what girl doesn’t but with all the rules and whatever I just couldn’t stick it. Nobody adheres to the whole 2 metre thing and quite frankly if another middle-aged woman with ridiculously strong perfume leans over me to grab a pack of Wiltshire ham, I might scream. The best thing about shopping online? I can do it from the comfort of my sofa AND with a bowl of ice-cream! Another amazing thing? You don’t even need to leave your car, the guys will put the shopping straight into your boot, which is a note to self as the first time I went I had Shaniah’s massive kite in the boot and some of her dirty trousers.

I vowed to be a healthier version of me.

Ha-ha, I mean it happened for a few weeks at least. Then I took a trip to Tesco and they had my favourite chocolate on offer on their Clubcard prices and well the rest is history… Good grief my will power is absolutely shocking!

I watched a lot of tv!

Nothing to be proud of here, but then we are in a lockdown, again, and what else am I meant to do? There are a few series that I’ve been loving over the past month. Parks and recreation is an old one but oh so good, it’s quite funny to see big movie stars so young in their profession. Another series that I’m binging at the moment is Married at first sight Australia, its brilliant, as Pam would say, ‘all the drama Mick, I love it!’. There really is a lot of drama to be had, couples cheating on each other, husbands telling others that they aren’t happy with their wives. Dram everywhere you turn and I bloody love it!

I vowed to kick-start my blog, again.

Like I touched on earlier, I love blogging, it’s like an escape for me and I love the opportunities that it brings, I love how I can share my thoughts and there’s someone out there that will read it and resonate with it, which I think is lovely. I stopped blogging last year during the first lockdown where my laptop was being used by Shaniah to do her home-schooling on, and by the evening all I wanted to do was kick back and relax. When Shaniah went back and I had my days to myself there wasn’t much to really talk about, we weren’t going on days out because we couldn’t, I wasn’t cooking anything exciting because we had to limit the number of times, we visited the shops and I wasn’t doing my make up because I had gotten so used to simply lounging around in the good ol’ mum bun and trackies, oh I know!

I don’t know what 2021 did to my trail of thought but I suddenly had a spur of energy, the flame in my passion for the blog was reignited and I have so much written down for the way in which I want to run this blog and also for the content in which I will publish on it. Here’s to 2021!

I took a child-free trip to B&M and loved it.

No really, I really blooming loved it. I’m all for storage at the minute and b&m has a great range of homeware, so when my list was long enough to warrant the trip ‘essential’, I headed to the big blue store for the first time in what felt like years and better still, child free! It felt on par to Disneyland if I’m truly honest!

I got my camera back out.

I’ve always been one to love photography. I’ve never loved being in front of the camera, but put me behind it and I couldn’t be happier! I took a break because I felt like I was just photographing the same things while in lockdown however, I realised that that really was the beauty of it all. No photo is ever exactly the same and that’s what makes photography so utterly special. Here’s to many more photos!

So that is what I’ve been up to during my hiatus. Despite being in a lockdown for the majority of it, looking back I actually got up to quite a bit! Who would have thought?!


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