Life after Lockdown

Will ‘normality’ ever resume?

That is the question that I have heard over and over A LOT recently, it is also something that I have been playing over and over in my mind too. Naturally, I am an introvert and chose to stay home long before it became a ‘thing’, but I have to admit, that after a year and a half of being told to stay indoors, now I am fully vaccinated, even I am longing for time outside or the freedom to eat at a restaurant whenever I fancy. Isn’t it funny how once you are told to do something your outlook on it completely changes?

Monday evening, Boris Johnson announced the next stage out of lockdown with the following coming into play from the 17th May onwards:

Rule of Six or two households will apply indoors.

THIS! This is something I am ever so excited about, I long to spend time with my nan again I mean, I long for it so much my heart physically aches for her. Last month, and I know she won’t mind me saying this, she had a routine operation that was more complicated than the surgeons had originally thought, this meant that a quick in and out job turned in to a 3-week stay. I love my nan more than anything, we have this weird connection where we instantly feel as if something is wrong with one another. It was the day after she was due to come home, and I awoke with such a horrible feeling in my stomach, I knew she wasn’t at home and a phone call to her home ringing out confirmed it. What I wasn’t prepared for was that due to the restrictions, I was unable to be by her bedside (I believe this has now changed and that people are allowed). I was unable to comfort my nan who was scared and alone, without a clue what was going on. We facetimed but that was simply not the same.

I will be perfectly honest here, as I always am. I did go over and see her AS SOON as she came out as we were allowed to meet in the garden, but with her recent coming out of the hospital and the good old British weather, we couldn’t stay long. That being said, Boris allowing us inside has literally filled me with so much joy!

Groups of up to 30 can now meet outdoors.

This one is neither here nor there for me at the minute. I guess in a way, it is lovely because it means that Shaniah can go to the park and spend time with her school friends outside of school. Maybe even school trips to zoos and farms can resume under this ease? Who knows?

Pubs, restaurants, and bars reopen indoors, with groups of up to six or two households per table.

Oh boy am I excited for this one, I haven’t had a meal out in what feels like forever, I used to really overthink when it came to eating out but now, I don’t care, I just want those Fridays sesame chicken strips! I think we could all do with letting our hair down and eating food we simply haven’t had to cook! Sounds dreamy right?

Hotels, hostels and B&Bs reopen.

We are EVER so excited for this one. So much so, that as soon as this was announced we got straight onto the laptop and booked a night away for Shaniah’s birthday. Holiday’s are one of her absolute favourite things so it just had to be done. Yes, it is only a night, but it’s a night away from our bed, somewhere we have spent every single night in for well over a year. To get away is ever so needed not only for our sanity but for our mentality too.

Reopening of cinemas, museums, theatres, concert halls, stadiums, and children’s indoor play areas.

THIS. Now, this is the one that screams normality is on the way. I feel as though Boris Johnson needed to drum roll before he unveiled this ease. THIS is a breakthrough and certainly a nod to the NHS and our amazing scientists who have made this happen. I am ever so excited for every single person whose pay packets come from this category, these are the ones who have been affected, in my opinion, the worst. While the majority of us were allowed to go back to what we did in some sense during the end of last year/beginning of this year, those in this category have been forced away since March ’20. I feel that if any of us is to choose one thing out of the list to put our pennies too, I certainly think that this is the worthy one. Support is something this category is going to need by the bucket load, besides, have you seen the number of incredible films due to hit the big screen this year? And the Tango ice blast? Exciting stuff.

30 people at weddings, receptions, and other events.

This is another breakthrough on the road to normality. I recently attended a family funeral and it was eerie. It was nothing like a funeral used to be, I was unable to comfort my father as he said his final goodbyes to his beloved brother, I had to sit isolated and alone during the time where family and togetherness never felt so needed, speeches and singing were prohibited and the wake was nonexistent, meaning that after what is essentially a super hard hour, we had to all go our separate ways and celebrate the life that we had lost, alone. But despite all that, it was still fitting and beautiful none the less.

30 people at a wedding is almost like a green light for love to resume. I am ever so excited for the abundance of people on my social media pages who have had their own weddings pushed back numerous times, to now be able to say those two beautiful words to their soul mates, after what must feel like a lifetime of waiting.

We are by no means out of the woods, Life is certainly not the way it was in 2019 not by a long chalk. Covid and everything that it brings with it, is still very much around but can we finally see light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe. I for one am certainly hopeful.


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