Let’s Talk Weddings.

13th October 2018

Let’s talk weddings. Friday we were treated to our second Royal wedding of the year. I love a good wedding, they always get me thinking about how I would have my wedding and what my dream dress would be like although a wedding is way off the cards at the moment and when the time actually comes my ideas are more than likely going to change, but for now, this is how I would like my dream day to be.

The Venue.

One place I would absolutely love to get married in is Tetbury Church (St Mary the virgin). Ever since I was little I always found myself gazing at the spire as dad drove past, wondering which Disney princess lived there. As soon as I was old enough to know what marriage was I knew that that would be the place. I think out of all my ideas this one is the one that I will hopefully see through.

I also long for a choir. I think I have been heavily influenced somewhat by the many royal weddings that I have witnessed this year. There’s just something about a wedding with a choir that really excites me, although I am certain I won’t be able to top that of Princess Eugenie and Jack.

The Outfit.

Now this is tricky, for me anyway. You see, I have never ever thought about the kind of dress that I would wear. Actually that is a lie, I went through the phase of loving that extremely over the top sparkling princess style dress that was doing the rounds on Facebook a few years ago, although let’s be honest here… Who could actually pull that off in normal daylight? Not me.

White wedding shoes on pink fabric

Talk to me about page boys and flower girls and I will be able to tell you right down to fine detail how I want them outfits. I am a lover for all things “Old fashioned“. I love how Prince William and Kate dress their children and often try to recreate the same style with Shaniah.

For the page boys I would have them in a white double-breasted shirt and knickerbockers with a cummerbund, tights and pale shoes.

The flower girls on the other hand would wear full-skirted dresses complete with sash and bow with frilly detailing on the sleeves.

Shaniah in her flower girl dress

Wedding Reception.

Hmm. Again, this isn’t something that I have thought about however, I do like the idea of a firework display during the evening. There’s something so romantic about Fireworks and hot cocoa that I would just love to re-create. I can practically see it now. All of our loved ones standing around, the youngsters with sparklers and the smell of candy floss filling the air. Perfection.


Oh boy now this is where I could go into all the little finer details and most probably bore you all to death so I will spare you all the mental pain and rein my thoughts in somewhat.

One thing that I would absolutely love at the reception would be a wedding caricaturist however as I have just written this down Ryan has scrunched his nose up at it so I guess that’s something that will not happen.

If you’re currently planning a wedding one website that I cannot recommend enough is Confetti. I often find myself searching through their pages after watching an episode of Don’t tell the Bride. They have floods of inspiration and pages upon pages of contacts for suppliers of every kind of thing you could dream of for your wedding.

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