Kiss goodbye to Varicose Veins.

14th August 2018

Do You Suffer From Unsightly Vein Problems? Look Into Beefing Up Your Diet With These Tricks And Tips As A Supplement To Varicose Vein Treatment

While some people swear by traditional medicinal practices – take traditional Chinese medicine, for example – science hasn’t yet supported various claims related to the efficacy and effectiveness of such treatments. Further, comparisons to modern medicine pale in comparison to the services and medicines that physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, and other medical professionals provide.

As far as visually and physically painful varicose vein treatments are concerned, many people don’t visit physicians for help, nor do they adhere themselves to any sort of regimen that they can perform at home or work.

However, supplementing tried-and-true varicose vein treatments recommended and prescribed by doctors with some of the tips and tricks listed within this article are almost certain to help you mitigate your varicose veins.

These foods can help your case for eliminating varicose veins substantially

There’s no reason to not be explicit – after all, following these tips could bring a world of change to your varicose veins – in explaining to you that you should avoid any food or drink that tends to cause the general public or you – in particular – constipation. Although constipation can, in very limited cases, cause varicose veins, they are known to at least aggravate spider veins in most patients who suffer from the condition.

Try to stay away from excessive stores of salt if at all possible. Salt is notorious for retaining excess water; the more fluid you retain, the more your varicose veins will pool with blood.

Do add blackberries to your diet. They include rutin– rutin is what’s known as a flavonoid– which acts as a soldier against inflammation. Rutin further reduces the likelihood of forming blood clots, harming veins or arteries, and causing inflammation.

Fiber should become your new best friend. As you probably know, diets with high fiber count help loosen stools and prevent constipation; constipation increases pressure on your body’s blood vessels because hard, compacted fecal matter in the colon isn’t so kind to veins. To prevent constipation by eating more fiber, stay away from white bread and flour – only eat wheat or whole-grain breads. Further, don’t eat sugary snacks; rather, replace them with nature’s dessert – fruit!

People suffering from the aesthetic disgraces and physical pains of varicose veins aren’t on their own – they can trust Metro Vein Centers

Dr. Ali Meslemani is a medical doctor who is licensed to practice in Michigan. After completing high school with flying colors, Dr. Meslemani attended Western Michigan University to bag a bachelor’s in biomedical science; next, he earned the esteemed doctor of medicine degree from the Ross University of Medicine in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Rather than going to work for a private practice or a hospital, Ali Meslemani – he’s a Detroit, Michigan native – decided to found Metro Vein Centers in his home state of Michigan and put his astute business mind to the grindstone in hopes of bringing high-quality medical services to his fellow Michiganders.

Since Dr. Meslemani founded Metro Vein Centers in 2006, the network of specialized varicose vein treatment facilities has opened an average of more than one location per year, reaching a live total of 15 locations– five are found in Michigan, three are located in Texas, two are situated in New Jersey, and five more are in New York – three are located directly in New York City, with the other two found directly above the Big Apple in Westchester County.

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