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Kinder Maxi Surprise Review.

Easter has come and gone but the chocolate still remains. Everywhere I look in the kitchen at the moment there seems to be a chocolate egg of some sort it’s crazy! 

One egg that stood out more than others Was the Kinder surprise one. If you’re a parent of a toddler chances are your child has a crazy obsession with these eggs, whether it’s eating them for the toys or watching other children open them on YouTube – yes that has made its way into this household too! What’s the obsession?

This year was the first time we’ve seen these big eggs in our supermarkets and every time we entered the shop she would beg for it so it was the obvious choice for her. At £10 it had better be worth it too!

Today she decided she wanted to eat it fair play to her for making it last so long… I for one wouldn’t have.

It was bigger than I expected and the toy capsule looked reasonable too. Things are looking up! As you can imagine she went straight for the toy! 

Well it sure is packed with parts! One thing that was noticeable is that it’s obviously a doll – Barbie from the label. But what shocked both Shaniah and I is the fact this doll came with accessories! Now from kinder surprise eggs experience I wasn’t holding out much hope in the toy being that great but it pleasantly surprised me.

Pretty cool huh? 

So what do I think? Personally I think it’s pretty cool. A great treat for any surprise egg fan, there’s certainly a lot of chocolate and gifts within this product. Do I think it’s worth £10? Not particularly but I do understand that you aren’t just paying for the product. Shaniah loved it and that’s what I set out for so all in all I will buy this product again but only on special occasions as I can’t really justify spending £10 on some chocolate and plastic.
DISCLAIMER: Kinder are in no way involved in this post. The pictures and opinions are my own.

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