Kids Have It Hard Too You Know!

23rd May 2019

It’s so easy to think that kids have their whole lives ahead of them, and that all they have to worry about at the minute, is getting through the school day, which compared to what we do, is a doddle.. But kids, no matter how old they are, have it hard too. They’re trying to gain an understanding of this world, all whilst trying to find their own identity. Now we all know how hard this can be, yet we really don’t give kids enough credit with what they’re going through. If you have younger kids in particular, you will definitely notice your mindset is different towards them. Young children are at the age where play is the main stimulant for learning in their lives, so you will most definitely think that they don’t have anything going on. But they’re adjusting to the real world, understanding what learning is, and realising that they don’t actually have a voice that isn’t overruled. Whether it be you, grandparents, teachers, they’re being shot down by every single person, with their opinion, no matter what it’s on, not really being regarded. So we want to highlight a few more ways that we think kids have it hard, and how you can ensure they’re growing up to be as good as they can possibly be!

Being Away From You.

You might not have remembered this as a child, but when you’re younger and it’s your first time being away from your parents, it’s so scary. But being away from you is one of the best ways that the learn what it is to be more independent, and how to actually have an identity as a person, rather than just being attached to you all of the time. Travelling through school is one of the best things to facilitate this through, especially whilst they’re in primary school and the power years of high school. But we know some of them can be expensive, so you might have to check for any school trips to Liverpool that might be coming up through the school soon, or any city in the UK! There’s so much to learn by going to these cities, and no doubt they’ll have so much fun going with their best friends from school! When the opportunity does come up for them to go abroad with the school, it would be so good if you could save and give them the opportunity to go, just because it’s so good for them to see the world with and without you!

Mental Battles.

Mental battles happen so much more as they get older, especially as they move into highschool. It’s a time where social media and the TV will have a big impact on their mental state, making them focus more on their looks and what people think of them, rather than what they actually think of themselves. You literally watch them change before your eyes, and there’s nothing you can do about that, because it’s what every kid their age is doing. But what you can do, is look out for the real mental battle that comes with this, such as insecurities and self doubt. You want to be reminding your child how amazing they are each day, how beautiful they look, and trying to draw them away from social media slightly. The more your encourage, praise, and compliment your kids, the better the self esteem they’re going to grow up with, and that just can’t be be beat!

Dealing With The Changes.

Changes that happen to kids bodies are hard to deal with. You might not remember when it happened to you, but kids certainly know how hard it is to go through what they’re going through. All of these emotions and feelings that can’t be explained, yet we wonder why they lash out all of the time. Their bodies are literally changing both physically and hormonally, and you have to be prepared to deal with that. So step number one is to try and talk to them about what is happening, why it’s happening, and how to deal with it. From having an outlet to deal with the emotions, such as sports, to making sure they have a good skincare routine. It might sound silly, but keeping up their appearance is going to make them feel so much better, so work on the things they can do to maintain these hormonal changes! Look out for signs of stress and depression as well. Both are triggered during puberty, yet so many parents miss out on the signs, and put it down to their kids simply being hormonal, which is most definitely not what you want to do!

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