How to Keep Your Home Looking Great

How nice it is, to return home after a long day at the office to a property that just looks the part, inside and out, in all areas. And conversely, how grim it is to return home wanting to relax, but finding that the general low quality of your house makes it impossible to do so! While you might want to spend your time doing more exciting things, there’s a lot of value in dedicating some time to ensuring that your home is on point. It’ll make spending time at home more enjoyable, for starters.

If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to this task, then take a look below, where we outline some tried and tested tips for keeping your property in tip-top condition.

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Do a Walk-through

Before you’re able to make any improvements to your house, you’ll need to figure out where the problems are. If it has been some time since you’ve inspected your property, then now could be the right time for a walk-through, in order to identify any problems. Often, the things that compromise the quality of our homes happen over a long period, rather than all at once. By going through and taking a look at any issues, you’ll be able to rectify problems before they become more complicated.

Learn Basic DIY

One reason why some homes fall into a mild state of disrepair is that the homeowners don’t have the basic DIY skills needed to correct common home issues. These small matters aren’t enough to merit a call to a professional, but they do affect the quality of the home. If you know how to fix problems in the house, then you’ll be able to keep your house looking great! Don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like this before, it’s easy enough to learn. You can watch YouTube tutorials for guidance on how to do the job. You’ll also want to stock your garage with the tools. Spanners, drills, tape measures, and other useful tools will all come in handy. You may also want to get a glue gun from Glue Guns Direct; they can be used for a whole host of DIY tasks.

As well as keeping your home looking great, DIY also brings with it a sense of accomplishment. There’s just something satisfying about fixing something yourself!

Trusted Professionals

But also it’s worth remembering that if you want to keep your house in as good as condition as possible, then you shouldn’t do every task yourself. The more complicated ones should be left to a professional; you’ll only risk doing more damage if you try to tackle the jobs yourself. It’s recommended that you find a professional that you can trust and who offers high-quality work. It’s a bit like finding a mechanic — they’re not all created equal. Once you’ve found the right one, you’ll be able to call upon their services for many years to come.

Regular Updates

Your home is going to look great once it has received an update. But it’s not going to stay that way forever. If you haven’t updated your decor or furniture for more years than you can remember, then there’s a chance that it’s beginning to look a little dated. Note that upgrading your home in this way doesn’t mean making wholesale changes. It could be that all that’s needed is a lick of paint. By taking the time to keep things updated, however, you’ll be on your way to having a home that looks modern and well-maintained.

5 Minute Cleaning

Not all the jobs that you’ll need to do to keep your home looking great are big tasks. Some of them can take just five minutes. Take cleaning, for example. Yes, it’s not something that you want to do, but it does make a big difference to the feel and vibe of your home. There’s just something a lot nicer about a house that looks spick and span. Instead of torturing yourself by spending a whole Sunday taking care of all the mess, use the five-minute hack. If something will just take a few minutes, then do it there and then.

You won’t even notice your tidying efforts if you build it into the day, and you’ll have a clean home, too. Of course, you can’t rely on five-minute cleaning sprees to keep everything in shape forever. Every so often, set aside an afternoon for some deep cleaning. That means pulling out the sofa and tables and everything else, and getting rid of all the dust and grime that has built up. Who knows why, but it really does make a big difference to the overall feel of the home.

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The Exterior Areas

It’ll be the inside of your property that gets most of the attention, sure, but be sure to put some effort into ensuring that the outside of your home is as good as the inside. A well maintained front garden will add a lot of kerb appeal to your home, and increase the value. A back garden with a patio, a few plants, and a BBQ can be a delight, especially during those long summer days. It’ll make your home feel and look much better.

Add Life 

Finally, keep in mind that the appearance of your home isn’t only down to the decor and the infrastructure. You can nudge your home in the right direction by adding things that feed the spirit, such as plants and flowers. They brighten up the home, and also have mood-boosting qualities that’ll make your property an even more enjoyable place to unwind and relax in. Perfect! 


Once you become a homeowner, you assume all the responsibilities that go along with that status. If only buying a house was an “all-inclusive” package. Alas, no! You’ll have to make an effort to keep your home looking great. Take the tips above, and you’ll have a property that always looks the part, and which you love being in.


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