Jolly Roger Adventure – Swindon.

Monday was May Day bank holiday, so with everyone home we decided to take a trip to a soft play area that we have been planning to go to but never got around to doing so.

The day got off to a great start the traffic was calm which meant we got there in good time. Shaniah and my 11 year old brother Ashley didn’t squabble for once which made the ride that much more bearable.


It wasn’t that straight forward to get to even with a Sat-Nav. Once we arrived it was clear that there wasn’t much parking for the amount of custom that it was receiving. We arrived at around 11am and the car park was already full to the brim.

Upon entering it was a lot bigger than we had imagined it was fairly cheap too. Adults go free Shaniah was £4 and Ashley was £5.

You aren’t allowed to consume food that wasn’t bought from their cafe so with shaniah being Lactose Intolerant we called them up before hand and asked if we could bring food in but before we could explain that she had dietary needs they said its not prohibited when we explained we were met with the response that as long as it’s only one person who is eating stuff brought in then yes it is okay.

After a few minutes play Shaniah was requesting her food so we ordered ourselves something. I fancied a chicken mayo baguette that cost about £4.50 and Ryan had cheesy chips, Ashley didn’t fancy anything. There was about a 10 minute wait for food but considering how packed the place was it’s understandable. Once the food arrived we were disappointed by my baguette it was pretty basic the baguette was the size of my hand with a few pieces of chicken and a sachet of mayo by the side thats all definitely not worth the £$.50 but we all learn from our mistakes right? Ryan was also unimpressed by his chips that looked like mush and tasted a bit off.

The soft play however was incredible, very spacious yet full of loads of things to go on.

Overall, it was very clean in there too the only things letting them down is the lack of passion put into their food and building, everywhere could do with a lick of paint. The entrance was gloomy and cold, little or no lighting which is a shame because it is the first thing you see when entering and makes you wonder if it’s worth staying. It was a very nice day but we shall be eating once we leave from now on.

It clearly tired Shaniah out.



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