Break the Epilepsy stigma with PNK Lettuce

This wasn’t the path I was going to head down when it came to writing about my new favourite piece of jewellery, but hey, nature works in mysterious ways doesn’t it?

I was a little quiet on the jolly old social media sites yesterday afternoon and it was with good (shit) reason.

It’s no secret that I suffer live with Epilepsy, I mean for goodness sake, it’s in my blog name. I also have Supraventricular tachycardia which regularly sets itself off and leaves me feeling like utter garbage too.

I hadn’t had a seizure since the beginning of the year and anyone with Epilepsy will tell you how exciting that is, you see, if you’re able to stay seizure free for AT LEAST a year then you’re that much closer to getting your independence back. Something that I have longed for since January 2010.

Rewind 8 years when my first seizure happened. I was a 12-year-old, loving life and everyone in it. I wouldn’t say I was a popular child but I had friends and those friends that I had I loved. Life was pretty great.

It wasn’t until an English lesson after lunch where my whole world changed. Everything I knew, everything I had dreamt of was suddenly snatched from my grip.

Back then although I was having numerous seizures a week, the fact that I was having them so frequently meant that they weren’t that bad. I mean yes, they were bad to a certain extent, what seizure isn’t? But lately as they’ve gone from weekly to every few months they’ve almost tripled in strength. You see before, I was able to take a couple of hours recovery and get back to some sort of normality. Now however, It takes me at least a week.

My latest seizure happened only yesterday. The day started off so normal. I was home alone with Shaniah as Ryan was out at a fishing match. We decided that we’d take a trip to the shop which for us meant a walk down and back up a steep hill. I don’t usually walk this because it sets my heart off but I thought that if I could walk it slowly at Shaniah’s pace then maybe we’d be okay.

We were okay. We got back home a little over an hour later and then I headed upstairs to take some pictures for upcoming blog posts. That is all I can remember until I came around covered in blood from biting my tongue and staining a lovely white carpet and kicking a load of small green stones across the room in the process.

Me covered in blood after having a seizure

My biggest fear was always having a seizure alone, yet since becoming a parent my biggest fear became having one alone with Shaniah. Yet yesterday my fear came to life in the most messed up of ways.

The bangle.

Bangle with fuck epilepsy on it

Oh the bangle. The bracelet that gave me a giggle in my hour of need yesterday.

I was so fortunate to have been sent a beautiful piece of jewellery from the lovely people at PNK Lettuce. It’s not just any piece of jewellery, oh no. It’s jewellery after my own heart. The lovely people at PNK Lettuce designed a bangle so simple in style yet superb, with the phrase “Fuck Epilepsy”. And the first thing I saw when I came around was this bracelet boldly displaying what I felt.

Epilepsy bangle

Every piece of jewellery that they create is handmade. Every piece of metal is hand crafted from the stamping to the polishing and right the way through to the finish. All the materials are made from the highest grade metals. Every single one is nickel free and comes with a free polishing cloth to keep it shining.

Bangle with fuck epilepsy

PNK Lettuce has a wide range of jewellery ready for you to request whatever phrase or word you require. Honestly, no phrase or word is turned down. Nothing says Christmas like a piece of jewellery signed off with a middle finger.

Disclaimer: I was sent this lovely piece of jewellery from PNK Lettuce in return for this blog post. All pictures and words arw my own.

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