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Itv This morning Be kind campaign. 

This morning have started a ‘Be kind’ campaign in support of all these children who spend each and every day in fear of what fellow pupils will say to them. 

School days are supposed to be THE best days of our lives. Yet for some it’s some of the worst.
I myself was bullied through out school because I was different. I went from being one of the well known children in year 7 to being diagnosed with Epilepsy and having nobody. I was too afraid to speak out that I began to self harm and get into a very, very dark place. I didn’t know who to turn to, I didn’t want to place such a big burden on someone. I dreaded every day that I had to go to school because I was scared of what would be said or what someone would do. Numerous times I had people flashing lights my way just to see if I would have a seizure. The school too began to give up on me. I was told I wasn’t allowed to go to prom because in the event that I had a seizure the night would then be ruined for everyone else.  No child should have to go through that. Bullying isn’t needed, it doesn’t achieve anything and if certainly doesn’t make you look good either. 

So could I ask each and every one of you to go to this morning’s website and pledge to BE KIND.

Thank you!

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