It's the owner not the breed.

People ask why I’m so afraid of dogs on a regular basis, so I thought I’d put the record straight, I’m not afraid of dogs as such I just get flashbacks of past experiences.

When I was 14/15 my boyfriend at the time and his family went to their family friend’s home. The dogs were clearly not loved and cared for in the appropriate manor which was clear to see. I was told prior to entering that the German Shepherds tend to get over exciteds. So everyone got out of the car and my boyfriend at the time told me jump out it’ll all be fine everyone’s there if something was to happen (what did he mean by that?) Anyway, something did happen and upon getting out of the car and walking to the seating area one of the dogs ran at me and gripped his teeth around my leg I tried shaking him off only for him to grip tighter I was shouting for help waving my arms at my boyfriend like “why are you all just stood there watching when you can clearly see he’s got it in for me?” And upon waving my arms the dog went from my leg to standing up on his hind legs (taller than me) and gripping hold of my arm the more I fought back the tighter the grip was getting. By this time I was screaming in tears and wondering if my face was next to get it, all the while everyone there just sat down and clearly blanked what was going on, all until the guy doing groundwork at the home heard the commotion and ran to my rescue.

Upon getting back to my boyfriends home I removed my blood stained long sleeved t-shirt and saw what had been left behind. I took pictures of it all determined to get the police involved but my boyfriends family and the family of the dog demanded me to delete them all or there will be consequences, stupidly enough I deleted them.

Weeks later when I had left him and his family behind I took pictures of some of the bruises that had been left behind, which I’m not going to lie look pretty awesome! Determined to get justice for what had happened and hopefully stop the same happening to others. Nothing changed, justice was not served and the dog continued to live and bite another victim this time a middle aged friend of the family. The police finally decided enough was enough and the dog was destroyed.

I don’t blame the dog for anything that happened that day and I certainly do not hate the breed in any way, what I do hate though is how those poor dogs were treated and how everyone especially the owners looked on as if to say to the dog it’s okay to attack. So who do I blame? The uneducated owners. Owners like that give perfectly behaved dogs a bad name, dogs that wouldn’t harm a fly are being categorised by their breed not by their own individual personality, and that I believe is not fair one bit. No dog is programmed to harm humans c’mon, they adore humans. It’s the owners that program them to change into the viscous animal they become. So if a dog gets ruined. Take action on the owners as well because I can guarantee that the dog you’ve gone on to ruin would have had a completely different personality had it been brought up in a different environment. The breed isn’t the problem the owner is.

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