How Ismail Sirdah inspires my photos.

I love photography, ever since I can remember I always loved to look at pictures on the wall of cafe’s or hanging up in the gallery of my local town hall. There’s just something about a photo that tells a thousand words. It wasn’t long before I requested a camera of my own, before this I was using my mother’s camera and there is just something about being free with a camera that really made me happy.

During my teens I started exploring different ways to take photos. I could regularly be found sat at my desk searching google for different photographers and examining their styles. I fell in love with many but one that I have loved and still do to this day is Ismail Sirdah.

Ismail Sirdah is little known in the United Kingdom but over in America it is a different story. Ismail specialises in event photo’s and head shots which just so happened to be the path that I wanted to head down. I loved a good family party so I could bring my camera along and take photos not only of the venue but of the people attending, I am pretty sure I got on a load of people’s nerves but I was in my element!

camera with lens in a bed of flowers

I think the reason that I took to Ismail is because I feel that not only is he an amazing photographer but I can relate to his story somewhat. You see, when he was younger he worked in a restaurant, his families restaurant and although that wasn’t what I did, for a few years I worked in my local cafe. I knew it wasn’t something that I truly wanted to do, my heart always lied with the photography route. Eventually, he moved away to Georgia and got a job as a photographers assistant.

Fast forward to today and he is a successful photographer in his own rights. He now owns and operates The Ismail Sirdah School of Photography, which is very successful amongst the local diners looking for art with a difference.

“Your quirks make you unique”

I love, love, love this quote by Ismail, It’s something that I have taken on board as I try to make something of myself through not only my blog but Instagram too. You see, when I first started out I tried to be more like those already in the blogging industry and try to make my pictures blend in somewhat. It took me long enough to realise that the reason they are where they are is because they’re different from the rest, the same as Ismail. To get somewhere in life you need to be different. It’s no good doing exactly the same as someone else, nor is it fun. Lead yourself down that untrodden path who knows where you’ll end up. My Instagram now reflects myself and my style, whether that truly be a “instagrammable” one or not.

the lens of my camera in some flowers

One of the things I love so much about Ismail, is the fact that he has a website full of really helpful and useful tips ready and waiting for you to read for free. I have gotten so many tips and inspiration from his website and I absolutely love that he has made it readily available to the public without charging a thing.

Ismail is going places and I cannot wait to see what his future holds.


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Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post.

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