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Introducing – Vauxhall Grandland X Sport.

Vauxhall Grandland X Sport

The Vauxhall Grandland X Sport has been in our family for a whole week now which may not seem like a long time to some and, in all honesty, it really isn’t, but within this short space of time, it has assisted us with many things that a car owned by a family would endure. It has taken the little one to school, it has assisted us with the weekly food shop, and it made sure Ryan got to his fishing match on time.

the boot of the Grandland filled with shopping

The day we bought it home I instantly fell in love with it. Do I have a bad word to say about it? So far no. It is everything we could possibly want in a family car, and I am just in awe of it. If I am totally honest, which of course I aim to be here on my blog, Vauxhall wasn’t a company that we have ever considered before, Ryan likes to have “big” cars, the type that can hold all of his fishing kit with ease and I mean he has a heck of a lot of kit. We were considering a combi van, one that would fit the family in but also one that would easily fit the dreaded fishing kit too. A car really wasn’t at the front of Ryan’s mind.

Grandland Wheel and Sensor

By chance, Ryan discovered the Grandland when he was taking his previous car to the Vauxhall garage to be fixed, (our Nissan Qashqai was forever falling ill with one thing or another so we really couldn’t wait to part with it). Whilst he was waiting in the showroom the Grandland caught his eye, I mean why wouldn’t it? It certainly is aesthetically pleasing.

Everybody knows that getting a car fixed takes time, not a long time but long enough for Ryan to fall in love with the Grandland, purchase it and have it ordered for 2 weeks time. As you can probably tell, when Ryan gets an idea in his head he pursues it as soon as possible.

Picking up the car.

Picking up the car from the dealership was super straight forward, in fact, I would go as far as to say that it was a very positive experience. The car was cleaned before arrival and they even partially filled the car with petrol.

Back Seats of the Grandland

About the car.

Being one of the latest models, The Grandland is filled with the latest gadgets and gizmos, each one making Ryan and myself go “ooh” when we discovered them for the first time. The car is built with a coloured touch screen which means we are able to keep up with our music, messages and the likes.

coloured touch screen

The makers of the Grandland have ease of driving at heart, with an adaptive smart LED headlight system, the beams self-adjust to suit your changing driving conditions. Believe me, the lights adjust super fast, much faster than doing it manually.

The Grandland comes with ultra-modern assistance system which includes, traffic sign recognition which then shows up on the dashboard. Lane departure warning that Ryan has already discovered as the steering wheel swiftly pulled him back in. Forward collision warning paired with automatic emergency braking.

Drivers side

It is extremely spacious, one thing I have found when car hunting in the past is how the back seats become ever so crowded once you have a car seat in. Something that the Grandland has clearly thought of as the seats are nice and wide as well as super comfy. I am yet to go on a long journey in this car, but I believe that it will make for one joyful and relaxing ride.

One thing that sold the car for us was the fact that it has a super spacious boot. We were able to get the weekly shop in the boot and still have space for more shopping, I wasn’t allowed to pop into any more shops but, if I was, I reckon that I could easily fit it all in and more. As you can imagine, Ryan’s fishing kit is an unusually large and longer load, especially the fishing rods. Grandland handles that with ease though by simply adjusting the 1,652-litre boot space and Folding the rear seats, it was able to accommodate the large amount of kit that Ryan required.

The mirrors are also super smart. The Rear mirror dims to reduce the dazzle that the car lights behind produce. The wing mirrors also light up when there is either a car in your blind spot or the car behind you is about to overtake. They really have thought of it all.

The Grandland wing mirror with built in safety light.

At the back of the armrest, there is the opportunity for the passengers in the back to adjust the airflow. There is also a built-in 3 point socket which took both Ryan and me by surprise. This is something that we never thought we would find in our car yet something that we never realised would change the journey experience so much. Shaniah is able to charge some of her gadgets that would usually run out of charge on longer journeys which means that our trips down to Cornwall are going to be super relaxing.

For a family car, the Grandland has a heck of a lot of get up and go, Something that Ryan was super duper excited to discover.

Our overall opinion.

Overall, I am so, so happy with this car. It has everything and more you could possibly want. Even though it is a family car, it hasn’t skimped on the added extras, and it goes to show that you don’t need to lose your identity once you become parents. This car has everything you would look for in a car for yourself despite being spacious enough to fit the family. Grandland X is perfect in every way.

Go on, treat yourself.

the front of the car

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