Introducing the Revolutionary Oral-B io 7

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration with Oral-b, I received this toothbrush as compensation.

When I think of tooth care, the brand that always comes to mind is Oral-B. Right from the time, my parents took me shopping for my first ever electric toothbrush as a child, to Oral-B toothpaste continuously standing proud on the sink. Oral-B has been a part of our family ways for as long as I can remember. Cleaning my milk teeth for the last time and each of my adult teeth for the first, Oral-B cleaned my teeth throughout braces and the extra brushes when you know a first kiss is on the cards.

It’s no shock to hear that Oral-B has long been leaders when it comes to advances in oral care, but this once-in-a-decade innovation, I’m certain could change the way we brush forever.

Oral-B’s brand new toothbrush is due to launch nationally on August 1st 2020. However, I’ve been lucky enough to receive one to try out and share my thoughts with you, my friends.

Two months ago, I was sent the Oral-B io7 to try out, and after a few weeks getting used to it, I’m ready to share my views with you all!

Oral-B combines its unique round brush head with gentle micro-vibrations for a fresh, clean mouthfeel. I couldn’t help but shout ‘wow’ when I used this toothbrush for the first time, you know the way your whole mouth feels after you leave the dentist; refreshed, new, super clean? Well, that is exactly how the new Oral-B io left me feeling. I have never had such an experience using a toothbrush before. Amazing.

Not only does Oral-B io look good, but it has a bucket load of new technology too! One thing they have introduced in this toothbrush is magnetic technology, and boy don’t we know about it!

Oral-B io’s frictionless magnetic drive enhances the brushing experience, by smoothly delivering power right to the very tips of the bristles. I’ve also noticed that the brush glides past each tooth surface for a smoother and quieter clean. Which effectively removes plaque, debris and bacteria.

Designed to enhance the user experience, the magnetic drive had proven so effective that myself, along with other users, regularly brush for longer than the recommended two minutes without even realising.

While all that tech is incredible, I can’t seem to shake how amazing the fact that the brush gives a dental-clean feeling all day long, every single day. I have never smiled so much.

Since their last breakthrough, Oral-B genius 9000 enhanced the smart pressure sensor on the Oral-B io which now signals red, white or green to alert whether you’re brushing too hard, too softly or just the right amount of pressure. It was very interesting to see that I brushed too hard on my back top teeth, however, too soft on my front teeth. What’s more, if you are brushing too hard, the brush automatically reduces the power so as not to damage your gums or teeth. Incredible.

Another super feature is the interactive black and white display, which signals vital information including brushing modes and head replacement reminder. Greets you with a ‘good morning’ and a ‘good night’ as you power up and smiles at you when you’ve done a good job. If that’s not enough, you can choose from 5 cleaning modes to personalise your brushing.

  • Daily clean
  • Sensitive
  • Gum Care
  • Intense
  • Whiten

The Oral-B io even comes with a brand new magnetic charger with an innovative lock-in-place feature, giving a full charge in just 3 hours!

Pair with Oral-B app.

The Oral-B app works perfectly with Oral-B io. The Bluetooth-enabled app recognises all the areas within your mouth and will show you at a glance if there are areas you have missed. What’s more, if you’ve got an iPhone, the app links with your health section so you can immediately see how successfully you are brushing. With all this combined, you’re well on your way to perfecting your brushing.

My views

This toothbrush is a definite game-changer. Before I found io, some days brushing my teeth seemed like such a chore, then you’d have to charge it every couple of days, the brustles started to my gums because the power behind them was simply too strong. Oral-B came at the perfect time. I can change the cleaning mode to sensitive which reduces the power behind the bristles. If you go on to the app, you can choose a dental care journey such as; fresh breath, plaque fighter, whitening, gum health and even ortho care, specifically for braces! This would have been a complete game-changer when I had braces as it left me with two stains where I was unable to brush properly.

Isn’t it amazing how technology evolves?

The brand new Oral-B io is available in io 7,8 or 9 exclusively from Boots.

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration with Oral-b, I received this toothbrush as compensation.

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