Introducing Solidu.

The Shampoo of the Future.

Let’s talk about shampoo. I will admit that I am super fussy when it comes to picking the best shampoo for me.

I have tried many brands, each promising to do something different to my hair and sadly the majority of the time they don’t follow through and there’s never really a change in my hair.

There are loads of shampoo’s coming in a range of styles and textures.

On my quest to find the perfect shampoo for me I was introduced to Solidu solid shampoo. I won’t lie, I had never actually heard of shampoo in a solid form before and as a result I was a little baffled by how to use it and how the concept would work.

Solidu solid shampoo in its box on the bath

Like anything in life, I am happy to try it once. Then if it’s not for me at least I tried it.

The next time my hair looked like it needed a wash, I took the shampoo with me to the bath and gave it a go.

The steps to using Solidu solid shampoo are super easy.

  1. Wet hair as normal.
  2. Wet the shampoo block and rub it between your hands until it starts to go foamy.
  3. Run the solid soap down the lengths of your hair until all your hair is lathered in soap.
  4. Wash it off as normal.

Washing my hair with the solid shampoo

I used the Solidu solid shampoo in balance, which is perfect for oily hair. My scalp produces excess oil so the balance one is perfect for my hair. Enriched with natural mango butter and essential oil blend of rosemary, mint, cedarwood and citrus. Balance by Solidu smells absolutely divine. It also leaves my hair smelling lovely for days.

One thing that I instantly noticed using Solidu balance shampoo is how instantly my hair looked healthier and full of life. Solidu bought out the shine that I felt my hair had lost over the years. I have also noticed that I am able to go longer between washes now, which is perfect when you’re a parent as your hair tends to take a back seat.

Perfect for the whole family.

This solid shampoo is now used by the whole family. Ryan uses it now and then but the person who uses it the most is Shaniah. Shaniah has always been one to love Independence. If there is a way that she can do something herself then she will do it.

Bath times used to be hell for everyone involved. When it came to washing her hair, she absolutely hated it, the thought of getting water in her eyes or ears sent her into a meltdown. Since using the solid shampoo bath times have become less tearful, she is able to rub the shampoo in herself and she is loving it. As a parent I am also happy that even though she is doing it herself, the bar is easy enough to apply that I am confident she is washing her hair completely.

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Solid shampoo on the side of the bath

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to try in return for a honest opinion. All opinions and photos are my own.

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