Intergalactic Lush bath bomb!

Last week I tried out Lush’s intergalactic bath bomb.

Upon unpacking I couldn’t wait to get it in my bath I love, love, love their glittery ones like the dragons egg and this one seemed to be glittery on the outside too it was like it was bursting with glitter I was so excited

I placed it into the bath and this immideate display of colours and glitter filled my bath, around it whizzed I was so excited sad isn’t it? Ha!

After the display had finished I jumped in and the scent was amazing it clung my skin and for days I smelled intergalactic. 

Upon getting out the bath I was like a disco ball, it seemed as though the glitter was attracted to me, someone/something has to be I suppose!

I looked back at the bath and it was completely filled with glitter, to this day I have absolutely no clue as to how they get all that glitter into one ball but I don’t care the fact is they do and I’m bloody greatful! 

Overall, I recommend this bath bomb to anyone! There isn’t a single fault for this beauty! Got a friend that’s down? Go get her this little ball of delight, she will love you forever!

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