Inspiring Bed Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

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Are you in the market for new kids beds? Depending on their age, there are several options. If they are still quite young, say six or seven, it could be worth buying a bed that fits with a creative and inspiring idea for a themed bedroom.

Does your kid like pirates, poneys, computer game characters, animals or nature? Creating a themed bedroom for them at this age is a wonderful thing to do for them. It inspires their imaginations, supports creativity, and makes an atmosphere for them to live in that they will always remember fondly. Furthermore, creating a space for them that is uniquely theirs is excellent for their development – we all need our own space, and a themed bedroom is theirs.

If you’re stuck for ideas, you can always talk to your child; give them a few options for themed bedrooms and see which one stands out for them. If your child has a clear passion, then it makes your job easier.  

The Box Bed

Box beds are an ideal space-saving solution in bedrooms that are small or shared. Generally designed for kids between six and twelve, box beds are like bunk beds but without the bed underneath. Instead, they have a space for storage and a desk. A small ladder leads up to the mattress on the top.  

In a bedroom that is a shared space, perhaps with a sibling, the box bed gives your child a sense of independence; sitting proudly on their high-up mattress, they will feel a sense of ownership of space which is important for their development. Underneath the bed there is also plenty of space – you can store toys and games in there, or set up a den; put up some fairy lights and throw in some blankets, your kids and their friends will love to spend time in there letting their imaginations run free.

The box bed has an added benefit. Unlike conventional beds, the box bed comes in a unique shape that can be decorated according to your child’s passion or interests. Get creative with the paintbrush and turn your child’s bed into their very own castle. 

The Teepee Cabin Bed

The Teepee inspired cabin bed is also designed for children between the ages of six and twelve. Around twelve years old, your child will start to want something a bit more grown-up, but until then, their childhood is still in full swing. You can support their creativity and imagination with an exciting and adventurous concept bed. 

Picture a classic triangular tent frame made with wooden sticks; the kind you don’t see very often unless you’re watching an old western. The Teepee Cabin Bed is what you might expect from its description; it looks and feels like a traditional tent but with lookout holes at either end of the frame. Your child will feel secure in the contained space and can let their imaginations run free.

Why not set up a themed bedroom with the Teepee Bed as the centrepiece. A western themed bedroom can include wallpaper that gives the look and feel of an old barn, a wall painting of a glorious wild horse, and dark blue ceiling with a projection of stars.

The Metal Frame

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The metal-framed bed could be described as ‘classical’. It’s the type of bed people are familiar with from films such as the original Mary Poppins. A throwback to styles from the 1950s and 1960s when items such as kids beds were made to last. The metal-framed bed is neutral and serves a range of tastes – it also comes in two sizes to accommodate growing legs. 

Transform your child’s bedroom from drab to fab with a classic metal-framed bed. Some parents prefer these to box beds because they’re more traditional, often align with their own sensibilities, and provide room for growth. The sturdy metal frame is solid and stylish, and there is plenty of space underneath for storing toys and games.

In terms of theme, there is a lot you can do with this style of bed. The metal bars are powder-coated and come in a range of colours – so whether you want to make a pirate theme or a New York theme, the metal-framed bed offers plenty of creative options. 

The Gaming Bed

Does your kid love computer gaming and spends all their time in front of a monitor? It may not be a bad thing; chances are they will grow up tech-savvy and land a stellar job. The Gaming bed is a box bed with a difference, instead of a contained space underneath it has an open desk area where monitors and consoles can be set up. Furthermore, it has LED strip lighting in the desk area that creates the perfect gaming atmosphere.

Suppose computer gaming is what your child loves then why not extend the theme and create a bedroom with a computer game feel. It could be cartoony or techy, depending on your kids’ tastes – they could spend hours up there with siblings or friends battling it out on the consoles and bonding.

The Sleeper Side

This fun bed is both for sleeping in and for playing with; again, it looks like a box bed but is not completely boxed in. It has four free-standing legs that support a mattress high up – but not too high as to be scary. A little like a mezzanine, this bed offers plenty of storage space underneath. Its unique feature is a slide instead of a conventional ladder. 

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Your child may not get much sleeping done going up and down the slide all the time, but you can be sure they will tire themselves out and sleep soundly. Getting down from the bed in the morning is easy and fun; all they have to do is sit and slide. A great bedroom theme for this type of bed is the playground theme. Decorate the walls in primary colours and include soft play items such as cushions and a ball pool, depending on space. 

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