If you judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree, it will spend its life believing its stupid.

Last September my brother moved up to secondary school and one thing for certain is the fact schools don’t really cater to a child’s individual needs. All the schools are interested in is beating the average GCSE grade from the year before that they don’t stop to think that unless they help children with areas that they struggle in they will only just scrape the margin.

My brother and I know a lot of other kids get stressed out over some subjects that they don’t understand they will sit there trying to wrap their brains around a piece of homework on a subject that they barely understood in class. I know from my days in school that finding your class teacher outside of lessons is nigh on impossible so asking for extra help just isn’t there. In class a teacher will try to help you but she also needs to teach and keep an eye on the other 26+ children in the class. Classes are over stretched meaning children go without the help they need and often suffer in silence.

School days are meant to be the best days of our lives, yet the majority of kids spend them worrying about getting an answer right. In some subjects you’re sent home with homework and a criteria sheet that has key things you need to include to get to a certain grade, Children in year 7 shouldn’t have to worry about hitting GCSE grades you’ll worry about that enough in year 10-11 they don’t need to stretch out the stress for 5 years it’s certainly not healthy.

I think some school subjects are silly, no child is stupid, no child should be made to feel like they’re failing just because they aren’t hitting top grades in certain subjects. I think schools need to take a different approach to subjects especially with maths. The majority of children spend years listening to things that they’ll never really understand. What will that achieve? Nothing.

Teachers spent so long going on about sums and rules that I am still yet to use in the real world, they went on so much about these things that I never even got a chance to properly learn how to properly learn how to do useful things like count money or how to write CV’s or the things we find ourselves doing once we enter the real world because in their eyes we were “too old” to learn the basics.

No two people learn the same or even at the same rate, some need extra time or help. I could spell words some struggled to pronounce although I found some bits in maths a struggle whilst others were flying through it.

I really hope in time teachers find the time for children who need that extra help with certain things instead of sending them home with a piece of work that they wont ever understand without that extra nudge and as a result marking the piece as wrong and not doing anything about it. I also believe that classes need to be smaller in order to provide each child with the level of help they truly need instead of turning a blind eye. At the moment classes are too stretched an teachers are struggling.




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