Hugzzies Review

Hugzzies: A warm hug.

Growing up I can remember always putting those wheat bag cuddly teddies on my Christmas list, for I thought they were so much cooler than your standard hot water bottle.

You can imagine my excitement when Hugzzies asked if I would like to choose one of their Wheat bags to try right?

Huggzies is a Company which create Wheat bags with a twist. You see these aren’t like the other wheat bags you can find on the market these are pretty awesome. The wheat bag comes inside a little animal face – there are 5 different animals to choose from, it also has straps either side so you can attach it around your child (a bit like those bags that go around your waist) and it acts like a nice warm hug.

Shaniah chose the cat one which isn’t surprising as she is cat mad! They had a monkey, dog, rabbit and panda to choose from – each animal has their own name.

Delivery was super quick and Carly the Cat arrived just in time as Shaniah had come down with a nasty bug. She had spent the past couple of days just cuddling up to me which meant that housework had to take the backseat, there was no way I could leave her without her crying.

She did however, perk up with her delivery! She really wanted to try it out so I removed the wheatbag, placed it in the microwave and then placed it back inside the cat once it had warmed up.


I placed it around Shaniahs waist and she cuddled up on her chair – could I be able to  do the housework?

Hugzzies review

Hugzzies review

Hugzzies really aren’t lying when they say that these are just like a warm hug, Shaniah was more than happy for me to blitz the house whilst she cuddled up to Carly the Cat!

Perfect for people with sensory issues.

My brother who suffers from Autism and adhd also found comfort in using this product which was lovely to see. He has grown attached to the muslin cloths used when he was a baby and you can imagine the state of them now. However, after letting him try out the hugzzies he said he would rather use a hugzzie from now on and when asked why he said it was down to the warm feeling it provided and it left him feeling relaxed and calm.

This product is perfect for everyday use, when your little ones have stomach aches and cold winter nights. It is also perfect for those that have sensory issues.

You can find out more about Hugzzies here.

*Disclaimer: Hugzzies sent me this product in return for a review. All opinions and photos are my own. You will find no affiliate links here. To read my disclosure in more detail please click here.




  1. 26th September 2017 / 8:27 pm

    Thanks for sharing this. I know these are aimed at children, but do you think the straps could be extended to fit round an adult, or are they quite short?

    • theepilepticblogger
      27th September 2017 / 8:59 am

      You could possibly get it around a slim adult however I’m a size 14 and I can’t get it all the way around me x

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