How To Plan A Personal Baby Shower

If someone you love is pregnant, throwing them a baby shower is a lovely way to celebrate their upcoming parenthood. However, if they’re not the traditional sort, a traditional baby shower with pink and blue balloons and naff party games might not be for them. Here are some of the best ideas are an amazing, personal baby shower.

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Go Co-Ed

Baby showers are usually only for women, but there’s no reason that Dad shouldn’t get to celebrate his pregnant partner and new baby as well. The pregnant woman might have close male friends who would like to be part of the shower too. Make the party for both parents and invite their friends of both genders. Make sure that the pregnant person gets plenty of fuss, as they’re doing the hard work, but there’s no reason not to celebrate with male friends too.

Give Gifts They Actually Want

Think about things they will actually want, and get ideas from places like clair de lune. If you have kids of your own, think back to what you wanted and found useful when you were pregnant or when your children were babies. Pampering gifts for Mum or practical gifts for baby are always well received.

Take The Party Outside

If the weather is good, throw the shower outdoors. Host a picnic or a barbecue, and plan games like frisbee, croquet or large outdoor games. This is the perfect choice for an outdoorsy pregnant woman, or if one of you has a beautiful garden or a gorgeous park nearby. If your friend is more of an evening person, you could host an evening barbecue with a bonfire. Toast marshmallows, tell stories and celebrate your friend. 

Book A Spa Day

Not everyone is a party person, and being the centre of attention can be a bit stressful. If your friend is more reserved, think about whether they would rather just spend a special day with some close friends. Book a spa day for a select group. Lots of spas do special packages for pregnant women, with relaxing massages and other treatments that you know will be safe for them.

Host A Dinner Party

If your friend isn’t really the party type but would still like to celebrate with a few people, why not host a dinner party? Invite over some friends and cook your friend’s favourite meal. You could ask everybody to bring a dish with them for a potluck dinner if you’re not much of a chef yourself. Make some mocktails so everyone can enjoy some fun drinks too.

Have A Tea Party

Throwing a party without alcohol can be more of a challenge than you might think, so why not arrange a tea party. This is great if your friend is interested in vintage, or classy things. Get everyone to put on their best tea dresses. Put on a spread or hire a caterer to serve sandwiches, scones and small cakes. Have a range of teas on offer, and make sure some are caffeine-free for the Mum-to-be.

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