How To Help Your Kids With Their Homework

As schools around the world return to normality, many families are readjusting to the old ways of education. Home-schooling was difficult for pretty much everyone during the pandemic, but returning to normal has its own difficulties too.  

Some children have struggled to adjust to the classroom environment, some have had common issues with making friends, and others have struggled with the workload.

Homework has been a problem for many kids (and their parents!). Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help kids with the homework. Whether they are struggling due to issues with focus, content, or understanding, you can do a few things to ease their burden.

Make a nice learning environment

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One of the issues during the pandemic with home-schooling was that kids had to learn in an environment not suited for school work. Kids know their homes as their relaxing place – where they can unwind and chill out. When they were then asked to do work at home, it was hard to adjust.

There is a similar issue with homework in this vein. Kids know they have to concentrate and work when they are at school, but this is less clear when they are doing homework at home.

So, if you can create an area of the house dedicated to work, kids can get into a focused mindset when they sit down to do their work.

You can create this environment in any way you like, but some tips to get you started are:

–   Keep a quiet zone. If the area they do their homework is quiet, they can focus solely on their work.

–   Remove electronics. Other than any electronics necessary for the work, devices should be removed. You don’t want your kids getting distracted from their work by a funny video or a joke on the internet.

–   Dress up the area like a classroom. There are plenty of sites online like Miss Jacobs Little Learners that sell decals and posters for classrooms. Why not buy a few for your home, and set up your own small classroom to help your kids focus on their homework?

Keep up with your kids’ learning

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If your kids are struggling with the content of their homework, they may come to you with questions. They may ask you how to solve an equation in maths, or why a character might be significant in a book they are reading for English.

It might be hard for you to answer these questions. After all, it’s been a while since you’ve been to school. That’s why it’s essential to keep up with what your kids are learning. Ask them each day what they’ve done in their lessons. This way, you can pick up on what they are doing, and help them out when they are struggling with their work.

Ask for help

You aren’t a superhero; you aren’t always going to be able to help your kids with their work. Plus, sometimes the issues are bigger than just a hard piece of homework.

When there is a real problem, don’t feel afraid to reach out to their teachers and ask for help.

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