How to Handle Self Employment

I have been self-employed now for just under a year. I would be lying if I said it was easy. It’s not. I mean it’s great that I get to be home whenever Shaniah need’s me and that I don’t need to consult with someone before attending precious school things.

I was so fortunate that my blog landed me in a position where I was able to not only receive some incredible opportunities but to also make money doing the thing I love most, Rambling! Sure, I am not making thousands each month but I am making enough that our family doesn’t have to struggle for the things that we need most.

Going self-employed was by far an easy decision and certainly not one that I took lightly. I spent weeks upon weeks wondering if it was the right decision for not only myself but for my family too. I had to make changes and create a desk area where I could focus entirely on my work and not get distracted by the little things that working within my house would create.

Working for yourself is far from easy. You don’t have that safety net of a guaranteed set paycheck at the end of each month, as a result, I have to work even harder to make sure that I get enough money to feed my family and get the necessities. There have been months where we’ve struggled due to payments being made later than originally scheduled and it is rather disheartening, but the pro’s far outway the cons.

Tips for self-employed.

Have a financial net. Make sure that you have money stashed away for a rainy day because believe me those rainy days will come. I learnt the hard way but now I have learnt to save some back from each job that I do.

Find a reasonable workspace. This may seem daft but if you are working from home then you are going to want somewhere that doesn’t feel so homely. I find that having my own space to work at makes me more alert and focused on the task at hand, rather than feeling as though I am at home to leisure about.

Expand your knowledge. You are never too old to further your knowledge and skills within your profession. College and University will teach you some but life is one path of continuous learning. Professional development is the key to successful .

Know your worth. I see this conversation so much when it comes to blogging and freelancing but I believe that the same thing applies to anyone who is self-employed. Don’t sell yourself short. Sure, going in too high could push the job away but equally a lot of time and effort goes into your job and you deserve to be fairly paid for it.

Build a support team. Being self-employed can be a rather lonely job. You don’t have colleagues that you see and interact with every day, and depending on what you do, you can often spend the day with only yourself for company and that’s tough. Thankfully, social media serves more purpose than for just sharing cringeworthy statuses. It is there for you to share your business and also interact with others who are in the same profession, I find Twitter particularly good for this.


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