Shaniah led down in her fort

How To Create the Perfect Blanket Fort

AD| This post is part of a campaign with Time 4 Sleep]

When I reminisce on my childhood, I remember all the times that my brother and I made blanket forts in our Nan’s front room.

We had a lot of fun. Once the blankets were up atop the dining room chairs, Ashley and I used to imagine that we were in a foreign nation unto Nan served us her amazing lunches, there was then nowhere we’d rather be than in our Nans home. We used to sit there for hours upon hours allowing our imagination to run wild.

Recently we were challenged by Time 4 Sleep, to create our very own fort. We were invited to build our fort because Time 4 Sleep is preparing to construct the worlds largest blanket fortress in Leeds.

Once we got the email, Ryan was almost as enthusiastic as Shaniah and set to work designing a blanket fort out of a pallet. Yes, you read that right! A pallet.

Making the fort.

Ryan set to work removing slats from a pallet, which we grabbed from my Dad’s place of work.

Once we removed the slats from the pallet, Ryan decided that we needed to take a trip to B&Q to by some dowels to make the fort more sturdy.

Back home, Ryan nailed the whole thing together and drilled numerous holes, in many places (very technical!)

As soon as the frame was built, we brought it inside, and Shaniah helped to decorate it. We wrapped some fairy lights around the top of the fort frame. Once we had done that, it was time to put on the bedsheet.

With the bedsheet now in place, we pumped up the airbed, placed some more fairy lights on the outside. We made it cosier by placing cushions inside, grabbed a blanket and placed a tray full of goodies on the edge of the airbed.

We had popcorn, lemon juice, sweets and surprise eggs. We also had the tablet to watch Disney movies. After all, isn’t that compulsory when you’re inside a cosy fort?

Once it was complete, Shaniah took no time to get inside and get comfy. She brought along her favourite teddy, grabbed her eye-mask and spent the rest of the day led inside. It was like watching my childhood replay before my eyes.

Secretly, I had wanted to get inside too but I wasn’t allowed. It was strictly a Shaniah only zone. Maybe I should ask Ryan to build me a bigger one?

If all this fort talk has you in fort fever and you just so happen to be near Millenium square during Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th why not pop down and watch the worlds biggest fort building in action? You can find out more about what’s going down on their website.

List of products featured:

Dog Teddy – Dulux.
Shaniah was given this teddy from Nanny Dawn. They have the same breed of dog so Shaniah instantly grew attached to the cuddly toy.

Frosted bauble lights – lights4fun
I instantly fell in love with these lights when I opened up the package from Time4Sleep. They are battery operated and even have a six-hour timer function to prolong the batteries. These baubles are currently on offer for just £4.99! What a steal.

Copper string lights – Amazon
These lights are great for adding a little bit of sparkle to any room. We have the 10m one and I will admit that it is probably a little too long for what we used it for. This particular set is however, powered by the mains and the brightness of the LEDs is crazy!

Wooden tray – Hobbycraft
I bought this for Shaniah’s party to place the sandwiches on. However, since then it has come in handy for all sorts of stuff. I really do like them.

Personalised mason jar glass – Studio
I bought these for Shaniah and her friends for a sleepover and it fast became one of Shaniah’s favourite cups. Probably because it has her name on it. I can no longer find it on their website.

Single airbed – Studio
I needed three of these for a previous sleepover and studio was the cheapest by far. I think I managed to purchase the lot for just under 20 pounds! Again, I can no longer find them on the website.

Pillows – Studio
Again they were by far the cheapest. They were £2.99 each and I grabbed three!

Duvet – Studio
Again, I can’t find the link but I bought these during the sleepover and being Studio, they were the cheapest.

Shanaih sat infront of her fort drinking from her cup

*Disclaimer: We were sent a box filled with everything that we needed to create our very own fort. If you wish to know more about my disclosure policy, click here.

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