How to Become a Freebie Hunter

There’s no denying it; everyone is obsessed with freebies. Whether it’s devising major social media campaigns for free fast food or lining up with the masses during the likes of “Free Donut Day”, it’s clear that many people will go to incredible lengths to feel the buzz of getting something for free. If you want to make going after freebies a regular part of your life, however, you’re going to have to be smart about it. If you’d like to become a veteran hunter of all-things-free, here’s what you should keep in mind:

1 – Does It Sound Too Good To Be True? It Likely Is!

It’s easy to let your judgment become clouded in the heat of the moment. Seeking out free deals is a thrilling endeavour! You have to remember that a lot of these deals have additional baggage attached to them, however, and there are some definite downsides at times. It’s easy to get so caught up in going after something free that all common sense flies out the window. You should never get roped into doing something for too much effort or chasing down a deal with too many cumbersome qualifications and conditions. You have to read all the fine print carefully and really consider just what you have to do to enjoy your prize. The cardinal rule is that if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

2 – Don’t Give In To Guilt

Many people worry that taking something for free is somehow something to be ashamed of. They also feel as if they’re ripping companies off by taking their offers. As it turns out, most companies thrive on offering free samples. If you like the product after trying it for free, you’re more likely to become a returning paid customer down the line. There’s a mutually beneficial give and take, so never let yourself feel guilty!

3 – Open A Secondary E-Mail Account

These days, this might be the most important tip for freebie hunters. Most online offers will require the submission of an e-mail. In a lot of cases, this information is sold off to spam advertisers. At the very least, you’ll end up on the newsletter of the company you’re dealing with. To avoid the hassle, you should make sure you have a second e-mail address just for claiming freebies. Alternate social media profiles and even phone numbers might also be a good idea.

Finally, here’s a tip for anyone in the UK:

You should definitely make sure MegaFreeStuff is part of your regular routine who have a fantastic freebie guide. It always has offer 500 offers for various freebies listed. A handful of new items are added every single day, so you’ll want to check back as often as possible.

As with any provider, many of the samples offered here are merely samples. That will give you a great way of trying new products without having to spend money on them first, however. Everything from toiletries to food and toys has been featured regularly. At the very least, it’ll definitely help you fill out your yearly gift baskets and holiday stockings!


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