How to be financially stable during your 20’s.

1st August 2018

How to save money in your 20s

I am one year into my twenties and many people my age are broke, in fact people of all ages are struggling in the economy.

There is nothing I dream of more than not having to worry about money. I think that’s because I know far too many people with money worries and it’s not nice for anyone involved. Thankfully, I am extremely lucky to not owe anyone any money. It can’t be nice to feel like you’re in too deep.

I have always been money wise, I think I need to credit my nan for that. She has always been alert with her money and I think that seeing how savvy she is made me want to be more like her.

I’d say I have learnt a few tricks from my nan about how to be a savvy saver of course I am no millionaire man I wish I was, but I am able to save a few pounds here and there and not go without.

Here are a few ways in which I am able to save money and you are too!


There are loads of money-saving apps on the market. Each offering different things but ultimately the end result is the same. Money in  your pocket. Shopmium is a mobile app where you can get cash back on certain things you buy and the money will land either in your bank or PayPal depending on your preference.

Supersavvyme comes in both app and website versions and offers free coupons to get money off vouchers on products such as sanitary products and laundry cleaner.

If you have an android, there is an app you can get called Google Opinion Rewards where you are asked to take part in short surveys in return for google play credit which is good for those who like to purchase music or books. I have made £14.80 by doing 90 surveys which took me about a minute a time.

Bring lunch to work from home.

You’ll be surprised by just how much money you throw at work lunches. This was a conversation that Ryan and I had recently and after we calculated that he was spending at least £60 a month on a tasteless sandwich deal from a supermarket, it was an eye opener for him and I now do Chicken wraps or couscous lunches with snacks for less than £10 a week. £20 saving a month may not seem like that much but over the year that is a £240 saving on lunches alone. Not bad huh.

Quit impulse buying.

Sounds easier that it is to some. I won’t lie I am a sucker for impulse buying when I head to the supermarket. I usually do the food shop around lunchtime and walking around aisle upon aisle of food products on an empty stomach is asking for trouble. We have started going just after we have had our dinner now and we also take a list which we try very hard to stick too.

Online shopping is another big flaw, It is so easy now to get everything that we want at the touch of a button and that can be dangerous. Near enough all the shops that we struggle to not buy from in shopping centres are online and it makes it hard for us to resist temptation. One thing that I found helped to a certain extent was by waiting a couple of days and seeing if the item that I wanted previously was still on my mind as much as it was.

Recently I have been wanting to invest in a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 for my vlogging however at £129 I thought it would be a lot of money to throw at something if the novelty of vlogging wore off. Two months later I am still madly craving the Dji and I did in fact order it. There is nothing worse than ordering something online as a rush decision, it arriving at your door and you feeling utterly pooped that you didn’t really want it.

Use the web to your advantage.

There is a lot of great websites online to help you be more savvy with your money. a few sites that I absolutely love are Money saving expert and Pick my postcode. Money Saving expert speaks for itself really, It is a free site by Martin Lewis that gives you all the tips and tricks on saving money.

Pick my Postcode is a website that you sign up to for free and if your postcode is chosen then you will win real money. Sounds too good to be true huh? I thought the same but I actually won £300 just by login on on the right day in which my postcode was drawn. The way in which they are able to give out over £800 each day is simply because the prize money is generated by ad revenue on the site. Definitely worth signing up to.

Save all your change.

We all get change now and then. Personally I hate having change in my purse so always stick it in my daughters piggy bank which is of course great for her. Ryan does the same but in his own money jars and he is actually able to save a good amount in a few months which is both great for him and his bank when he finally cashes it in.

Store Loyalty Cards.

Loyalty cards are great for shops where you shop at quite regularly. I use ones like Superdrug and Tesco where you are able to collect points whenever you make a purchase and the points add up to money off. Tesco points are great because you can either use them for money off your shop or add them together to get money off days out, great for families!

And there we have it, just a few ways in which you can save money.

how to be money savvy

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