Our Holiday to Newquay October 2017 – Day 3 & 4!

Monday 16th October 2017

With the weather forecasted to be a sunny day we decided that a trip down to Cornwall’s only city – Truro was in order.

We always pop down to Truro whenever we are in Cornwall as it is such a lovely place to be. There are shops to suit everyone here. The youngsters wanted to get some new toys from The Entertainer so we headed there. Freya knew what she wanted and they went off to other shops whilst we were still lurking around the toy shop trying to find what Shaniah wanted. In the end she decided she wanted a Tamagotchi! Both Ryan and I had no objections and were secretly very excited that she had chosen one. If that wasn’t a throwback to our childhood what is?

All that shopping had left us feeling a little peckish so we headed to Thornton’s cafe to have a drink and a slice of cake. Ryan had a hot chocolate and a brownie. I had coke and a chocolate cake and Shaniah had a fruit shoot and coffee cake. Ryan was a little sceptical to get her the cake as he was certain that she wouldn’t eat it but boy was he mistaken! As soon as it was placed in front of her she grabbed her spoon and got stuck in. Soon giving up the spoon and opting to use her hands!

Shaniah and a Tamagotchi

The rest of the family joined us and we had a little catch up before heading off back to the lodge to see how Pat had done on his fishing match.

Shaniah was getting a little bored of walking by now and insisted on Ryan carrying her to the car. What a diva!

Shaniah on Ryan's shoulders

Later that evening…

Pat won his section of the lake and received £20! Way to go Pat!  We decided that we would try out the on site restaurant for dinner and we were all pleasantly surprised!

Shaniah went for Sausages, peas and smiley faces and gobbled down the majority of it which is a first. Both Ryan and I had a burger which tasted incredible. Ryan’s burger was so big that even he struggled to get it in his mouth. All eight of us loved our meals and couldn’t wait to try out the puddings! I didn’t go for a pudding but everyone who had one said that they tasted great, so much so that they wouldn’t mind eating here again.

With our stomach’s full to the brim, we decided to head back to base and settle down for the night. Catching up with our soaps and having a laugh with one another.

Tuesday 17th October

We woke up to Hurricane Ophelia on our doorstep. The sky was a little gloomy and the rain was on and off with extremely high winds! We decided that with the weather how it is, today would be that of a relaxing one where we will spend the day indoors.

Ryan wanted to go do a spot of fishing and dragged me down with him. On the windiest day of the year he wants me to sit by a lake? Cheers lad!

Ryan with his fishing kit

Whilst Ryan was practising his fishing I sat on the bank terrified because with every strong gust of wind, the branch that was hanging over my head was cracking. Nothing is more nerving that hearing a branches crack and loads of trees around you! With the wind getting stronger and stronger we decided that it was probably time to call it a day.

Ryan had nominated me to cook dinner for everyone. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love cooking and will always jump at the chance to cook for people. In fact, I have always dreamt of taking part in Come dine with me! However, cooking for 8 people using the limited cooking equipment in the lodge was going to be that of a challenge.

I decided to do a curry as that is something that you can’t really mess up… Turns out, yes you can!

Only the back two hobs on the gas cooker worked meaning that for me (very vertically challenged) I had to lean over to cook the curry. The pans were also extremely small meaning that it wasn’t long before the food started to overflow! I was sure that this was going to end in a disaster but it didn’t!

All the plates were empty and I had received compliments!

Later that evening…

The Halloween lovers within us had their moment to shine and we decided to carve some pumpkins!

Luke and Kayleigh are obviously the more artistic of the group as they went for a design that was very intricate as opposed to ours which was just a face with a lightening bolt through one eye we’d like to think it was a kind of tribute to David Bowie but in reality it was literally just a spur of the moment idea to make it look like a little more thought went into it!

We decided that they deserved to go on display outside. However Ryan clearly realised that ours was nowhere near as good as Luke and Kayleigh’s as he soon went back outside and brought ours back inside!

I was feeling a little yucky by this point and was quite sure that a seizure was imminent so an early night was on the cards for me.

You can read all about our previous days here.


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