My holiday bucket list.

Holidays, aren’t they fab. The place where you can be worry and trouble-free for one or two weeks. There’s so many beautiful places to go, so many beautiful sights to see Ryan and I love to chat about the places we would go if money wasn’t an issue. Obviously there are so, so many places that I would love to go to especially if money wasn’t an issue but I have managed to get it down to my top 5!

1. Disneyland (of course).

I have been a massive lover of Disney ever since I was old enough to have interests. My love for Disney only grew and grew due to my parents taking me to Disneyland every year during my childhood. There’s something truly magical about Disneyland. It really is the place where dreams come true. I would absolutely love to do the same with my daughter who is also Disney obsessed!

2. Paris.

Paris is somewhere that I long to go to. You are probably reading this thinking how on earth have you got to 20 without going across the channel? Truth is I have been to Paris before yep. you guessed it to go to Disneyland. However, I haven’t seen the Eiffel Tower and that is something I would love to see. Photo’s are nice but seeing it with my own eyes is something that cannot be beaten.

3. Mexico.

Bit of a strange one I am sure, it all started when I watched “Somebody Feed Phil” on Netflix. A programme where Philip Rosenthal goes travelling to different countries and tries out their food. The Mexican food looked super tasty! I am a massive lover of Old El Paso kits and long to try the “real” versions by true Mexicans.

4. Kalu Yala.

This is a bit of a different one. But there’s something about Kalu Yala that makes me want to go there. The truth about Kalu Yala is that it is a study abroad where students can study, work and live in a sustainable town. One of Kalu Yala  problems is it’s 50 minutes from Panama City.

5. Venice.

I have wanted to go to Venice for a long time. My grandparents used to go every year and whenever I received a postcard I longed to be there. It just seems so romantic. Now that these grandparent’s are sadly no longer with me I long even more to be there, I just feel that that would being me closer to them.

This is a collaborative post.

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