Hobby Success: People Who Have Got It Nailed

Hobbies, every one of us has one. My Nan enjoys looking after her garden. My brother enjoys collecting coins, Ryan values angling, and you could define my blog as my hobby, after all, it unquestionably began as one.

Hobbies come in a broad assemblage. Neither two are identical. For example, you could put two people who love to knit, side by side and the goods that they’d produce would be unique to them.

Some people prefer a hobby as a means to fill their spare time, never actually putting their hobby out there or yearning for it to make them money. Some begin that way then later find themselves making money without that being their plan. Other people recognise that they value their hobby and others do too, so set out to make money from it. There’s no wrong way to go about a hobby. If you can make money from producing something that you enjoy, then I am all for it. Life is too brief to see people miserable in their careers.

As I get older, I notice that more people around me are favouring the path of converting their hobbies into their full-time occupation, just last week one of my dear friends turned her hope of a hair accessory business into a reality. 9 – 5 jobs are slowly becoming a thing of the past as people are starting to choose self-employment.

People, primarily parents, are starting to support smaller online stores rather than larger chain stores and buying mass-produced pieces. I am admiring that approach. I would much willingly support small businesses and help put food on the owner’s table or make their youngsters dream of taking part in ballet class a reality, than purchase from a large store and assist the owner in funding their fifth yacht.

Whilst on the subject of hobbies, If there is one thing that I enjoy reading more than anything, it’s the stories behind peoples love for a specific hobby.

One of the reasons I enjoy Instagram so much become you can find out so much about people and their hobbies by the pictures that they post. Blogs and websites are also a great way to find out about people and their hobbies. In my spare time, I like to search through Hobby Jam and read up on interviews with people sharing information about their hobbies.

There’s so much to learn from every interview. You end up feeling rather encouraged to try something new.

A few years ago now I read an interview-style blog about why they love to blog and it inspired me to create my own. It was so lovely to have a place to write down my thoughts, to capture memories of my daughter growing up and to ultimately have somewhere to look back on all the good times. It’s now become my primary source of income and in doing so, provide me with a job that I love to get up for every morning.

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