The new fidget toy destined for greatness.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I have a younger brother who suffers from Autism and ADHD as I have touched on this a lot in the past. Fidget toys played a big part in his day-to-day life, especially during the first few years of secondary school. Fidget toys were first introduced as a sensory toy specifically for those who struggle to focus and that love to, as the name suggests, fidget! More recently, thanks to an ever-growing trend on TikTok, Many kids from all backgrounds have been drawn to them, my daughter included!

Shaniah now has a variety of different fidget toys, but her favourite by far is the push popper’s, these come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes and are designed to imitate bubble wrap. We are all a little drawn to bubble wrap, I know I am! Push poppers are basically a reusable silicone version. Shaniah has a large one and a smaller one in her collection already but was super excited to be offered the chance to review a couple of brand new to the market push poppers from HGL.

Shaniah is pushing the buttons on her push popper while her iPad is counting up in seconds in the background.

We received one rainbow coloured popper and one glow in the dark popper. Shaniah was instantly drawn to the glow in the dark one as she is going through a phase of loving all things glow in the dark. She has had time to play around and get used to them so here is what she thought.

Reviewing the Push Popper.

Shaniah is genuinely a very fidgety child, this is something that her teachers have also picked up on, so having a couple of new fidget toys to let loose on was like Christmas to her. I didn’t know this was a thing but according to her, some poppers pop better than others, who knew? I am pleased to report that these Push poppers are by far the loudest poppers that she owns, not annoyingly loud but loud enough so that she had great pleasure in the popping. I guess the whole point of a good push popper is to hear the pop, like bubble wrap.

shaniah pushing the round poppers in her rainbow coloured hexagon shaped push popper.

These Push poppers are very fun, addictively fun in fact, and certainly not just a child’s toy, I have often found myself playing with it when Shaniah isn’t. They are so simple in concept yet Shaniah has found loads of different games to play with them. Games such as, popping patterns, timing how fast she can pop them, and so much more!

So, where can you buy one?

These HGL push poppers are currently available to buy in Claire’s, Toymaster and Smyths toys.

We were kindly gifted two HGL push poppers in return for coverage.

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