Help! My child has learnt to swear!

Now I am forever trying to encourage my daughter to learn new words, we regularly sit down and I get her to repeat words – good words. The amount of times I have to repeat words like ‘butterfly’ only to be answered with ‘flutterfly’ or ‘cuddles’ when I ask her to say ‘puddles’ even Peppa Pig hasn’t helped me out with that one! However if I am in  a different room and I quietly say a naughty word in she comes running and shouting her new found word, not only has she managed to hear it but it is the most perfectly clear pronunciation ever! Now I must point out that I don’t make a habit of swearing but there are times lets say when we are in public for instance where I am unable to shield my child from these words.

It was bound to happen eventually, let’s face it. But what I wasn’t expecting was to witness it quite so soon. We are all guilty for letting out a naughty word now and then – me more so when cooking as I always manage to give myself a new burn, in fact you could count the amount of times I have cooked by counting the red marks on my arms! I haven’t even figured out how you go about a toddler who has a new word… I first started giving a reaction but that just made her giggle and repeat it all the more, now a days we just ignore it in hopes that she might forget about it but nope the word is still going strong, along with her new favourite word – penis! Yes, penis. We have her uncle to thank for that one! We can be innocently doing our weekly shopping when out of no where this little voice screams PENIS! so innocently and carries on unphased, we on the other hand were mortified and wanted the world to open up and swallow us whole!

You cannot help but feel as though you are being judged by others when in reality every child is guaranteed to say at least one swear word in their toddler days, there’s no way of protecting your children from these words it’s like they were born with it built in, even normal innocent words sometimes come out sounding like the dreaded naughty words! Take Fudge cake –  she cannot pronounce that properly and as a result it comes out f**k cake but at least shes saying cake properly so it doesn’t sound so bad!

We have ignored, told off we have even corrected with a word that sounded similar too but at the moment the swear word is winning! I do believe it’s time to re-think our strategy!


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