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21st February 2018

Jelly beans are something every single person in this family is crazy about. We always make sure we have some in our home. Jelly Belly is by far our favourite company when it comes to jelly beans and we love nothing more than to whip out a packet of Beanboozled for our unsuspecting guests!

We have recently discovered Jelly Belly have recently launched a brand new “mixed emotions” collection, where each flavour represents some feelings that us humans have. For example, Lemon is their happy flavour and once you eat it, it will remind you of a sunny day!

If you eat a variety of beans together you are able to recreate certain things in flavour. Each bean has the emotion on them instead of the Jelly Belly logo.


We all had super fun tasting what certain scenarios would taste like if they had a flavour. Who said equations were boring?

If these goodies weren’t enough to make you crave those jelly Belly goodness. Jelly Belly has recently brought out two mobile apps.

The first app is an Emoji app which allows you to communicate with others using Jelly Belly jelly bean emojis which include those from their new mixed emotions packets. There are 45 jelly bean stickers to choose from perfect to add character to your texts.

Available from the App Store and Google Play the Jelly Belly emoji app is ad-free and lets you communicate and share through Text message and social media to throw bursts of fun and colour at unsuspecting people. Best of all the app is completely free!

App features:

Where to find the app:

The second app that Jelly Belly have introduced is The Beanboozled mobile app. The beanboozled beans make for a lot of fun with friends and now the game gets a whole lot better with the free app. The BeanBoozled app features a virtual spinner and a proprietary video program that lets friends play together remotely through a video feed.

The app is available through the App Store and also Google Play and is available in multiple languages including English, German and Spanish.

The BeanBoozled Mobile App takes gameplay to the next level, allowing users to challenge friends through a real-time video feed. Players can connect to their contacts through the app, and interact using their device’s camera to share reactions and experience the BeanBoozled Challenge together.

App features:

Where to find the app:

Link on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jellybelly.beanboozled&hl=en_uk  

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