Happy Valentines Day

It is here again. Today is the day where even the hopeless romantics have a chance to show their affections, singletons are writing statuses about how this is the day that they dread oblivious to what relationships are actually like. All the valentine’s cards are full of sickly love rhymes that don’t resemble anything about how we actually feel about our other halves but we grab them anyway due to the way shops have turned it into a commercialised circus.

Valentines Day is much more profound than sending someone a bouquet of roses at unbelievably ridiculous prices. It is much more than dinners by candle light and bottomless chocolates. Valentines day is about showing that someone special that you value them and that no matter how much they get on your nerves, you really wouldn’t have it any other way. So turn a blind eye to those cringey cards and chocolates and tell them how you really feel.

I have asked some of my Favourite bloggers to write some tongue in cheek love letters to their other halves. Here is the corkers that they have come up with!

I love you even though you make me want to end you numerous times a day. I love you even though you poke me in the back more times than I can count with your morning Glory.  Gee Gardner.

Even though you whinge every time I ask for a cup of tea, want you to do the dishes, or when you tell me you’ll do it “in two minutes” and it takes you two hours, you’re still my favourite arsehole. – Fern from Mumconventional

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You never hear the baby crying
I still love you.
Even though your beard is full of bacteria
and you’re a bit of a dick too,
I still fancy the absolute shit out of you. – 
Eileen from 2 nerds and a baby

I love you even though you snore in my face and occasionally punch me in your sleep. – Rachael from Lukeosaurus and Me

I love you even though you always put the toilet roll ON TOP of the toilet roll holder. – Beth from Twinderelmo

I love you even though you put the coffee on the highest shelf so I can’t reach it! – Katy from KatyKicker

I love you even though you never make my cuppa how I like it. – Lianne from Anklebiters adventures

I love you even though you put rubbish NEXT TO the bin and not actually in it! – Kirsty from Winnettes

I love you even though you leave the toilet seat down. – Pete from Household Money Saving

I love you even though you fart on me in bed.  Tilly Button

I love you even when you burn my display candles and leave the dishes in the sink instead of putting them in the dishwasher. – Jenna from Then there were three…

I love you even though the sound of your snoring makes me want to smother you in your sleep. – Laura from Five Little Doves.

I love you even though you leave empty packets in the fridge and cupboard after taking the last item – Victoria from The Growing Mum

I love you when you’re not sick. When you’re sick you are unbearable! – Ayse from Arepops

I love you even though I find your dirty pants and socks all around the house! – Kelly from Kelly Allen Writer

I love you even though you think it’s funny to put fake dog poo on my pillow! – Nikki from Riding boots for Boo.

I love you even though you think hoovering on a Sunday morning is the way to my heart – Victoria from Starlight and stories

I love you even though you think a fairy cleans the toilet! – Sinead

I love you even though you leave your beard trimmings all over the sink every single morning. – Kate from Ever After with Kids

 I love you even though you pretend not to know how to do chores and require a demonstration every time for the last 8 years… – Charlotte from The Mummy Toolbox

I love you even though you never look further than your nose when you are trying to find something.  – Michelle from Time and Pence

I love you even though when you ‘help’ putting the laundry away, you’ll leave all of mine in a pile on the bed for me to do (even though I put all yours away daily!) – Victoria from Lylia Rose

Even though you have worthless nipples (men seriously need to learn to lactate!) I still love you…ish. – Rachael from From Rachael Claire

Isn’t it lovely to see that romance isn’t dead? What is one of the annoying things that your other half does but you wouldn’t have them any other way?


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