Go Ryan, it’s your birthday!

To my dearest Ryan,

Happy birthday! Today is YOUR day and boy I cannot wait to see you later. You are and continue to be a complete blessing. When you crossed my path it couldn’t have been at a more perfect time.

black and white photo of Ryan and myself
So clearly taken with a potato…

I couldn’t forget the moment we first met, you know how the story goes! What should have been a super romantic meal turned out to be some world record attempt at the longest silence and even though I said all of maybe 2 words to you on that date you some how decided to give me a chance.
Our second date, you know the one where I had a seizure and ended up wetting myself in your flashy Hyundai Coupe and even though you had all the reasons in the world and more to be totally freaked out and slightly annoyed you simply looked past that and again decided to see us through.

 and myself dressed up smart for a christening.

I thank the heavens each and every day, for making our story happen, for bringing you into my life. I love how optimistic you are, something which perfectly balances out my “realist” personality.

Even though you have been in my life for almost 4 years, where did that time go? I still feel as though our relationship has only just started. I thank you for keeping me on my toes, I thank you for your endless hugs and kisses, I thank you for listening to me when I have had a rough day or my worries just won’t go away by myself (even if you tell me to shut the f*ck up for the most of it). No matter what I have faced or continue to face in life I know that it’ll all be okay because I have you beside me.

Ryan, Shaniah and Myself

I thank you for all this and more. Because it is your special day I wanted to show you just how much I love you, so here goes.

15 “I loves” for my love.

1. Despite your “poop” coloured brown eyes, I love them dearly.
2. I love your smile.
3. I love how devoted you are to your fishing, even though I am adamant you only go so much to get away from me!
4. I love how Shaniah loves you just as much as I do.
5. I love how you’re my taxi! Only kidding (you so are!)
6. I love your family. I can see where your great sense of humour comes from!
7. I love that you “cook” with me, even though you’re actually just sat in the chair spurring me on the whole time. Seriously, that sh*t is encouraging.
8. I love how hardworking you are.
9. I love that you are my biggest support system
10. I love how your love for Liverpool FC has rubbed off onto Shaniah and given her something to follow.
11. Despite what I say at the time, I love your slightly questionable dance moves. It shows me a whole ‘nother side to you, another side that I love just as much.
12. I love that you are genuine.
13. I love that you laugh at my terrible “knowledge” but then go on to educate me.
14. I love that you are constantly supporting me.
15. I love that you share your family with me. From family parties to holidays to random spontaneous weekend meals. I love it all and I love them.

I could go on for hours about how amazing you are, but the point is, I wish you nothing but the happiness that you’ve brought me. I wish you a wonderful day which celebrates how awesome you are. I’m so excited to spend as many more birthdays with you as you want me to. You’re such an amazing person and you show me more and more everyday just how true that statement is.

Ryan and myself

I really do hope that your birthday is everything that you want it to be and more.

I love you, even if you do try to kill me off with that potent arse of yours!

Here’s to another year of you.


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