Shaniah, on your 6th birthday


Today is the day that you turn six, and I won’t lie, the sudden realization that you are not going to stay little for long overwhelms me! As you grow, you are learning more things, making more friends, enjoying new foods and outgrowing old habits. You’ve also started to understand more about life, no matter how much I try and guard you against it.

As I sit here reminiscing on your fifth year, it’s quite scary just how much has gone on in the last 12 months, and whilst life is put on hold for the moment, you still managed to fill the year with so many accomplishments and memories. If I have learnt anything from you during the last 12 months, it would certainly be to just let you be YOU and not what I think you should be.

I think six is an age that many parents adore, and for great reason too! You are beginning to learn to put on all kinds of shoes ranging from buckles to laces, rather than sticking in the Velcro comfort zone. You can also buckle yourself in in the car, and you’re beginning to master the art of the perfect wipe! Being six means that I have a little friend who still loves my company and cuddles but who has also learnt to enjoy your own company that little bit more than you did in the past.

Because there is and will always only ever be one SHANIAH and she rocks at moving to the beat of her drum.

Being 6 is having a heart of gold

You warm our hearts with your passion to put others first. Prejudice and bigotry hold no place in your little world, instead, you brace the world with an open heart.

I will never forget the time when we notified that a few people in your class have allergies, which meant that regular cake would make them sick, you instructed that I made them ‘tummy happy’ cake so that they could join in with the school Christmas party just like everyone else. Your love for your peers is so precious, I just wish some adults could think the same way.

Six is being at one with music.

Over the last few months, your love for music has only grown. Secretly I thank myself for that after naming you after a pretty awesome singer. You love singing and performing for our family. You are forever saying that you are going to be a singer when you’re older and I hope that you catch your dreams. 

You currently belt out dance monkey at the top of your lungsat any given moment. You sing it so well and so much that you’ve turned Grampy Pat into dance monkeys second biggest fan. I’m pretty sure Alexa is bored of playing the tune too!

Six is having random obsessions… Like stones and toy dolls.

Since lockdown began you’ve managed to ramp up your extreme love for rocks just that little bit more, lord knows how that was even possible! Our daily walks are taking that little bit longer, as whenever you see a pile of stones, you just have to stop and play. Lockdown has also seen your love of dolls and babies grow. You are forever asking to take your babies for a walk, and it’s so cute to see.

Six is loving to love things you shouldn’t.

You seem to have the ability to soak in everything, from interesting facts to Friday Night Dinner scripts. You greet people by calling them pussface, and when something goes wrong, we know about it because there’s suddenly ‘shit on it‘ shouted from the top of your lungs. 

Six is starting to enjoy adult foods.

Gradually you are removing the beige from your diet and introducing nutritious and healthy foods. Your love for all things Mexican is growing stronger than ever, and you’ve even found a love for the good old Chinese takeaway.

Six is letting you, go whilst still waiting in the wings.

During the past year, I’ve noticed you become a lot more independent. You will happily stand further away from us as you play with your friends. You like to walk without holding my hand for the most part, and you have begun to enjoy your own space. As much as you love your new-found freedom, you always seem to navigate back to my arms, where you belong.

I hope that being five was everything you hoped it would be and that being six is just as brilliant, if not better. I hope that you never stop dreaming, just as much as I hope you never stop chasing them.

Happy 6th birthday Shaniah.

You light up every life that you enter.



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