Happy 3rd Birthday Sweetheart!

It is the 11th of June 2017 and at sixteen minutes past 10 tonight you will be officially 3! I cannot get my head around the fact that my little baby is three! It only feels like yesterday that I was holding you in my arms for the first time.

When you were born you were a good size at 7lb 2oz but all the clothes seemed to drown you out. We were both in a hurry to meet each other that day that I ended up pushing before my waters had even broke which freaked the midwife out and split me! So when you were born you spent your first few moments with both grandma and Nanny T whilst the nurse sorted me out, I was alright with that though because I knew you’d be just fine with them.

We left the hospital 2 days later, on your Uncle Ashley’s birthday which made his day even more. He was due to have a couple of friends over but they were a no show but you more than made up for them.

You have come an incredibly long way in these short three years and I could not be prouder. From the moment you were born we knew that you were going to be a clever child and we were not wrong, at less than 24 hours old you were already trying to lift your head up when we were holding you, you could do it for a couple of seconds and everyone who saw it including the midwives were in utter shock. Even now everyone tells us just how clever you are and they’re not wrong. You know the words to pretty much every chart song, you even sing along to Neighbours, Eastenders and Emmerdale, but your favourite tunes of all are Flash and Gala bingo!

Your hobbies at the moment include singing which you are pretty awesome at! You also enjoy dressing up which is more often than not some kind of Disney Princess and girl you rock it. When you aren’t doing one of those or drawing you are watching YouTube –  you are obsessed with it!

You are such a friendly girl who is easy to chat to, you will chat to anyone that doesn’t phase you at all! You enjoy spending time with family and each year we go to Newquay with Ryan’s family and Freya, Kayleigh and Luke go too which is great as you get to spend a week with someone your age and you two get on so, so well you do act all motherly around her though but it’s sweet. You have really taken to Luke which gives us all lots of laughs when you two are in the same room as you go all shy and silly! Every time we pop to the shops you always ask us if he is going to be there and the majority of the time you are a little disappointed, however, occasionally he will be there and you’re the quietest we have ever seen you.

You are learning every day, you can easily count to 20 now and the alphabet its a walk in the park for you. One thing you still haven’t managed is walking without running… You always seem to be in a rush!

Ten facts about you:

  • Your favourite food is Chicken nuggets and chips.
  • You love animals.
  • You love planes (Thanks Uncle Ash!)
  • You know where all the McDonald’s are and point them out before we pass them!
  • Your favourite word is naked.
  • Although you are only 3, you tell everyone you’re 60!
  • You will not eat potatoes or cooked carrots – even if I hide them!
  • Your favourite choice of footwear is wellies.
  • You know the names of most my make-up and where it goes.
  • You love watching other kids open chocolate surprise eggs on YouTube – why??


I hope you have a fabulous day sweetheart, all those that love you are going to be spending it with you!



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