A guide to looking after your childs skin.


We are now into Autumn, hurray! I love, love, love Autumn. I love the fact that it gives me the perfect excuse to wear my jeans and knitted jumpers paired nicely with my Chelsea boots and kick about the orange leaves that are scattered across the ground. For Shaniah however, it’s not so great. Her skin is so young and sensitive that  Spring and Autumn months have a habit of causing her skin to get a little dry and irritated.

Anyone with children with sensitive skin knows that the itching side to it is no fun for anyone. We are unfortunate that eczema and other irritating skin problems run in the youngsters of my family and although Shaniah is far from the worst case within it I still like to look after her skin. After all, children’s skin is oh so delicate.

I have put together a guide on how I look after Shaniah’s skin along with the products that I use.


Shaniah in the bath with childs farm product

First off, bath time. I have been the parent that has tried every product under the sun. While each product has their own unique perks I have grown to love Childs Farm. The reason I love Child’s farm so much is simply because they use over 98% naturally derived ingredients. No added nasty chemicals just good, mainly organic fruit extract. I love it because the products are so gentle on my daughters skin and leaves her smelling amazing. She loves it because the amount of bubbles that it created within her bath is the perfect quantity to make endless amounts of “Santa beards” and bubble hair!

The product I currently use for the bath water is Childs Farm Blueberry and Organic mango which like I said earlier is perfect for all kinds of skin types especially those with sensitive or eczema prone skin. You don’t need much of this product in their bath water although it does say on the instructions that it’s best to add a “generous slug”.

The next product that we use during bath time is again a Childs Farm one and that is their Hair and body wash in the scent Watermelon and Organic Pineapple. We do as it says and apply it to both her hair and body again, not needing much at all. The best thing about this product is it’s perfect for the whole family. By whole family I mean even my 71-year-old nan swears by it when it comes to reducing eczema itches. She has practically got a huge stash of it!

Lastly. I like to switch between the Child’s farm stuff on Shaniah hair and replace it with Dentinox Cradle Cap from time to time. She doesn’t really have cradle cap anymore but I just find this product more pure and gentle on her hair and scalp than normal Shampoo.

 I let her play with her bath toys for a little bit then it’s out and ready for the next stage.

Getting ready for bed.

Ah parent’s favourite time of the day, it’s okay, you can admit it here we are one judge free zone! I say it’s my favourite time of the day but it’s one where I spend quite a while with Shaniah winding down and simply preparing her for the land of nod. Many parent’s know that children who have irritated skin often wake themselves up with the itching. Whilst I haven’t discovered some miracle way to completely eradicate that, I have found a way to somewhat reduce the irritation for her at least.

Shaniah with her skin care products and dolls

I use this routine whether she has had a bath or not and as well as soothing her skin it also relaxes her meaning bedtime isn’t always a battle.

First off I start by drying her skin. I don’t rub her with a towel I simply tap her dry. I use absolutely NO talc powder because I find that talc has a habit of drying out her skin. Instead I use a variety of products, not all together I am not some mad scientist. I like to start by using Cocobelle baby Organic coconut oil which I use to massage her skin. I have given her massaged pretty much since she was a baby when we used to do baby massage and I really do think it helps. Now a days though I only find it helps calm her down and settle her for bed as well as keeping her skin nourished.

After we have finished with that and she is almost dozing off. I like to use cream such as E45 to act as a sort of second skin/emollient if you will and to soothe her skin while she sleeps. It’s far from gold dust but it works I mean, she would be a lot more irritated if I didn’t use it.

When it comes to emollient it can be hard to know how much to use. For us personally I find that two pumps of the product is more than enough for each limb and maybe just a little bit more for her stomach and back. Make sure to pay more attention to the neck especially if you are applying to a younger child.

Recently, I was introduced to Epaderm Junior’s range or skin care products especially for those irritating skin problems that youngsters get. We have been trying both the Cream and the Ointment and Shaniah certainly approves. I mean we haven’t seen massive changes as we have only been using it about a week but it is definitely something that works and eases those niggling itches.

Putting cream on Shaniahs skin


I hear your excited tone as you read that word. Whether you have children or not that word is always an exciting one isn’t it? More so when you are a parent though, you learn the real value of the word.

The key I find, is putting her in very loose clothing, sometimes even nothing at all simply because it means there is less material to rub against her or warm her up. Summer months can be a right pain in the bottom especially when we experience warmer weather such as the summer we have just had phewww what a scorcher! So yes, she can mainly be found in shorts and a top at bedtime.

Washing clothes.

It is no secret that the products we use to wash our children’s clothes also has a habit of playing havoc with our childs skin and although this isn’t really skin care as such I thought it wouldn’t harm to put in my pennies worth on the subject. Again, this is another product range where I have tried my fair share to find the “perfect” one. I doubt there is such a thing but for Shaniah, I found that Comfort Pure is the right product for us. It leaves the clothing super soft and doesn’t seem to affect her at all. I also love that you can often find it in bargain stores such as B&M in a larger bottle for about £4! Who doesn’t like a bargain?



I thought I would round this up by laying some tips on the table. I am no genius and it probably just works for my child but I like to let Shaniah join in with me when it comes to applying the cream/ ointment. Once Shaniah has had her massage and the cream has been applied I like to let her use a bit on her dolls, it’s currently Anna and Elsa but while she is having fun and pretending to tend to their needs it also educates her that taking care of her skin is important and not something that should seem scary. You could do the same while chatting to your child about the pro’s of doing that and how they are now making their dolls skin better, just like them!

shaniah putting cream on her doll.


Disclaimer: This post is an entry to Epaderm's competition. Despite this, this is all my own opinions and tips. I have written this purely on what works for us. There is no guarantee that it will have the same effect for your children. Please always listen to a doctor.

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