A Guide to Repairing Jewellery

6th June 2019

Creating jewellery is most definitely an art form, and delicate pieces can easily become damaged, especially when you consider the strain of constant wearing, which does have a negative impact on any item of jewellery. If any of your treasured pieces are in need of repair, you should search for a jeweller that specialises in custom design, creation, and, of course, repair.

Types of Jewellery Repair

There are many things that can go wrong with an item of jewellery, including the following:

Customising Jewellery

If you are looking for a truly unique piece of jewellery, visit their website and see the custom engagement rings from AE Design Jewellery, which can be designed around your concept. When a person brings a jewellery item in for repair, the custom jeweller might recommend making some changes that will reduce the chance of a repeat issue.

Jewellery Repair and Customisation

Jewellery repair and making are actually very similar, and if you want any jewellery item repaired, simply look for a custom jeweller, as he is the person who is best qualified to repair the item. The jewellery maker has all the special tools that are needed when repairing jewellery, plus, of course, a fine eye and a steady hand. There is a link to a great publication about jewellery repair, which you can refer to.

Wearing a necklace or bracelet with a broken clasp might result in you losing the item, and any damage you notice on an item of jewellery is good reason to refrain from wearing it. Rather, you are advised to search online for a local custom jeweller, who would have the know-how and the tools to repair any issue.

The Danger of Losing Precious Stones

There is always a very real danger of losing precious stones if the setting is damaged, and the chances of actually finding a lost diamond are next to nothing. Diamond clusters should be regularly checked to ensure that the stones are secure, and, of course, any stones of high value should be adequately insured. Clasps and settings can very easily catch on clothing, and if this is not noticed, you could end up losing valuable diamonds.

Avoid Wearing Damaged Jewellery

If your jewellery is in need of repair, it is important to find an experienced custom jeweller who has considerable experience in the repair process. Once the expert has had a look, he or she can tell you what is possible, and you can expect to receive some kind of warranty on the repairs. Finding a jewellery expert is not a difficult thing to do, especially with a localised Google search, which should put you in touch with a specialist jeweller.

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