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Great Value toys to your door with PoundToy

Children, they can be very expensive can’t they? I mean lets face is, just the necessities alone can prove quite costly then it’s the toys and gifts added on top that can hike up the prices even more! My daughter has gotten to that age now where every toy advert that appears on the telly is met with “Ooh I like that mummy.” or “I want that mummy”. A bit like me when I see wine adverts!

My child is by no means spoilt but from time to time I do like to like to get her a little treat, something that she has been wanting for a while however toys these days aren’t the cheapest and it is fair to say that Shaniah doesn’t stick with one toy for long before wanting something out.

I was recently introduced to an online toy company that is like the pot of gold at the end of every parents rainbow. PoundToy has a wide range of toys at super affordable prices because they all have up to 75% off RRP! I hear all you parents letting out super excited screams.

I recently took to the website and ordered a variety of toys and I am about to share with you my shopping experience.

With shaniah sat next to me we had a browse, she was super excited to see so many toys in one place and I was even more excited to see the price tags. The majority of the toys on this website rarely exceeds £5 making it the perfect place to shop for birthdays, Christmas or even rewards.

PoundToys website is super easy to navigate and if there is a certain character or brand that you are looking for you can easily find them all in one place by searching for that category. We sourced a load of toys from Disney right through to Paw Patrol and as we had over £25 worth of products in our basket we were eligible for free delivery which is always a bonus.

Shaniah was super impatient and sat eagerly by the door as soon as the order was placed, I don’t think she quite gets the whole online shopping thing! Within 3 days her box of goodies showed up and she couldn’t be more excited!

affordable gifts

We couldn’t wait to get stuck in, I do believe that the box caused a bit of excitement, children love boxes don’t they? She opened the box and inside were loads of gifts that she just had no idea what to do with! What surprised me the most was just how impeccable the boxes were. The toys were in immaculate condition not even a scratch on the packaging they really were top quality at affordable prices and that made for one extremely happy mummy!

affordable gifts

PoundToy is one of the UK’s favourite websites where you can purchase high quality, branded character cheap toys & games for children of all ages at prices that cannot be beaten!

Founded in 2014, PoundToy‎ is a family operated business. Their mission is to deliver safe, affordable and quality products which are responsibly sourced and complement childhood through fun, learning and exploration.

When browsing I noticed that they also do party bits which I am obviously keeping my eye on for the next coming months!

I highly recommend that you check out PoundToy because although they are super cheap they haven’t skipped on the quality.


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