Grandparents. Just seeing the word makes me all gooey! I was having a chat with some friends of mine this morning when the subject changed to grandparents.

Grandparents are super special right? I am so lucky to still have my Nan. I grew up living just a street away from her. Every day I would run to hers and spend hours upon hours there. I’m sure she must have got bored with my presence but she never made it known.

I have so many fond memories growing up with her. In Primary School I missed out on the Christmas dinner because I didn’t give my parents the letter, what child does? At that age that is one heck of a responsibility Susan! Nan worked at Somerfield which was just next door to the school and a dinner lady who happened to know I was related to Nan mentioned how I didn’t have the Christmas dinner. Nan being the lady that is always caring for others purchased some crackers, vegetables, roast chicken and of course the underrated pigs in blankets once her shift had finished and when we arrived to Nan’s she had Christmas music playing, the table was laid out all Christmasy and a Christmas dinner was cooking away in the oven! having a mini Christmas dinner with Nan beats having one with school people any day! I am still astonished by how Nan even managed to sort something that awesome out in so little time. Grandparents truly are magical.

Another thing that Nan does so well is listen.  No matter what the time is she is always just a phone call away when I am feeling down. She will listen and throw compliments my way then tell me that everything is going to be just fine. Then I get a lecture about how all the worrying is going to make me ill and then what use will I be to anyone then? And that is when I realised that there really is no need to feel so upset about things that don’t matter or things that are out of my control anyway!

My Nan is my best friend, she was one of my birth partners when I was having Shaniah. It is so lovely to see Shaniah and Nan have the same bond as we do.

shaniah and nan

It makes my heart warm to see the two of them happily laughing and playing together, memories flood back of when that was me and her.

Grandparents really are the apple of the earth. There’s something truly magical about them, something no other generation has. The generation that get out to see those they care about because they aren’t hooked into the addictive world of social media.

I used to love going out on the bus and seeing the older generation having a catch up, a laugh… The banter was super strong within them.

Grandparents are the best.


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  1. Grandparents totally are the best and I miss mine. My Nan always loved Christmas, so I try to carry on some of our traditions. It’s lovely that your daughter has such a strong bond with her great grandma too! I recently did a blog collaboration with a group of bloggers about granparents and all the things they taught us. If you’d like to read it, it’s here:

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